LotR: The Battle for Middle-earth II

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Replay: Goblins v Mordor Guest 10KB 131
Replay: Goblin v Isengard Guest 16KB 221
Replay: Goblin Mirror Guest 19KB 69
Replay: Goblins v Elves Guest 19KB 247
Rplay:3v3 intense Guest 66KB 206
Replay: Prepare v Skyline Guest 46KB 108
Replay: Ball v Hatepros Guest 40KB 153
Replay: Prepare v Teamsorad Guest 68KB 131
Replay: Beating MOTW Guest 16KB 160
Replay:3v3 Guest 35KB 115
Replay: great game v prepare Guest 38KB 88
Replay:2v2 epic v xxx Guest 138KB 187
Replay: Great defense Guest 119KB 336
Replay:Hero v Test CW Guest 30KB 158
Replay:Orc archers Guest 31KB 151
Replay:thad|vo v epic|prepare Guest 18KB 74
Clanwar replays in March Guest 497KB 832
Replay-Pack Guest 254KB 219
Replay: Diva v XXX Guest 95KB 261
Replay: Mordor + Elves v 2 Men Guest 22B 296
Digz August Replay Pack Digz 1.21MB 199
RotWK Replay - (Digz) Dwarves v Angmar Quick Match Digz 20KB 25
RotWK Replay -(Digz) Isen+(Gerimino) Gobs v Men + Elves Digz 15KB 30
RotWK Replay -(Digz) Dwarves+(Gerimino) Angmar v Men + Ang Digz 56KB 32
RotWK Replay -(Digz) Isen+(Gerimino) Gobs v Isen+Mordor Digz 29KB 19
Replay: horse rush Guest 4KB 106
Replay: Mordor v Elves Guest 43KB 250
Replay: Mordor v Elves lost Guest 21KB 130
Replay: Mordor v Goblins Guest 16KB 88
Replay: Mordor v Elves won Guest 8KB 104
Replay: Spiderling rush Guest 18KB 36
Replay: mooney v fire Guest 19KB 57
Replay: rusty v morion 02 Guest 15KB 20
Replay: rusty v morion 01 Guest 7KB 19
Replay: moony v high Guest 22KB 59
Replay: moony v raidun Guest 9KB 57
Replay: motw strat Guest 50KB 80
Replay: locke v lombardi Guest 33KB 74
Replay: 1v1 mordor v isengard Guest 17KB 165
Replay: mordor v elves Guest 15KB 92
Replay: gob v motw Guest 112KB 94
Replay: the bezerker rush Guest 23KB 45
Replay: axe thrower rush Guest 13KB 92
Replay: The dwarf unbalance Guest 13KB 92
Replay: excellent 1v1 Guest 53KB 145
Replay: Goblins v motw gg Guest 43KB 104
Replay: 1v1 goblins v dwarves Guest 9KB 153
Replay: 1v1 gg Guest 55KB 84
Replay: 1v1 dwarves v motw Guest 9KB 139
Replay: pinkfloyd vs jeowjeow (mordor strat) Guest 24KB 82