LotR: The Battle for Middle-earth II

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Clanwars Helix v PoW 2v2 cw

Helix|IAmAlpen & Helix|Chewbacca vs PoW|Mantis^ & PoW|Ragnarok Map: Buckland Helix|IAmAlpen (): Starting BO: Mine+Ho...


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Clanwars Ranger08 June replay pack clanwars

A great player full of replays of his june campaign only some of them as he did not have most of them but these are his best ones take a loo...


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Clanwars Horizon June replay pack

One of the best players in the game has released his june replay pack now playing with DivA he has shown us the best games of this month!


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Clanwars Replay: DivA|InTriNsic` vs. KyRaN|DiA^, Isengard vs. Goblins

Map: Fords of Isen 2 DivA|InTriNsic' vs KyRaN|DiA^ Game Summary: A very good game between both sides. Both sides played we...


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Clanwars Replay: AB|BeAuTy^ vs. [OoE]BlacKLoTuS, Isengard vs. Dwarves

AB|BeAuty^ _vs_ BlacKLoTuS Map: Fords of Isen II Game Summary This a very entertaining game between two very good players....


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Clanwars Replay: DivA| vs DOTR, Dwarves vs Isen

DivA|HoRiZoN` Vs. DOTR|great7 Dwarves Vs Isengard Map: Fords of Isen II Version: 1.04 Game Summary: This was a...


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Clanwars 4vaya Clanwar Replay pack

Well he managed to send in this magnificent replay pack from July i honestly don't know where August went by but he played well for all mon...