LotR: The Battle for Middle-earth II

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All Files In LotR: The Battle for Middle-earth II Singleplayer
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Singleplayer helmsdeepmovieversion

This is a great map for helms deep its the movie version and what a great one get it or you'll be sorry!!!


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Singleplayer 3 vs 2 minas tirith

Awesome Fortress/City is boring to defend alone. However now other player come to help micro offensive force when other defender can focus t...


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Singleplayer I Show no Mercy Ringwars

A ringwars map converted from bfme1 to bfme2 make sure you get it it's better and well worth it!


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Singleplayer the great wall of gondor

This map is the first of it's kind with a massive wall protecting you which will make a good game online and offline and a full automated in...


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Singleplayer Realm of Numenor

Number of players: 4 Description This is the great castle that was built by numenoreans. MoMMa_Dean: if you like this map and/or webs...


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Singleplayer The Islands of Umbar

Number of Players: 2 Description: Rant: This map was my second choice to make. The reason is simple. EA never made a strictly Island...


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Singleplayer TheHugeBattle

Number of Players: 4 Description: A simple 4 player map.. Unlimited money 5000 cp per person. wargs separate players and they have in...


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Singleplayer Ultimate Hero Survival

Number of Players: 8 Description: Forces of Darkness are coming and Sauron have a one ring. Can commanders stop enemy forces before th...


Singleplayer Last desert singleplayer

This is a singleplayer map where you have to fight against several enemies, mostly Wyrms (which are called Were-Worms in this map) the only...


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Singleplayer Huge Battle

This is unlimited resources and high command point cap you can either play online or offline.


Singleplayer Shores of Loren

This is my first attempt at designing a BFME map. So any errors during gameplay wasn't intentional nor known about as I'm not a experience...


Singleplayer Balrog Unlimited

You are the Balrog now! You have to survive against the all Middle Earth through dark mountains with embusches... I have changed the view in...


Singleplayer Defend Your Homes!

Do not let Sauron and his forces get back to Mordor! Has a big beautiful river in the center of the map. Ask 1st before using in your mod...