LotR: The Battle for Middle-earth II

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Video Ultrazero(mordor) v Dwarves Small Map strategy

Well ultrazero played a brilliant strategic battle to beat the dwarves on a small map which is brilliant as its mordor the big map specialis...


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Video How to Stop Gaurdian Rush

Well this a great example of how to stop Guardian Rush, here is the line up: |MaS|GodForbid & |MaS|gogy( Goblins & Dawrves)...


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Video Dwarven Mine Rush

A good example of a great mine rush the line up is as follows: Digz & ultrazero (Dwarves & Elves) vs unknown & unknown (Mordor...


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Video Angbad Faction Video

The team behind Four Ages mod is proud to announce that one of three main factions of the mod - Angband - has been finnished. With its c...


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Video Lord of the Rings Online Video

This is a nice movie for Lotr Online and really the two videos posted today is all the coverage everyone has on Lotr Online by IGN this show...


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Video Shadows of Angmar Preview Clip

Well this is the second preview clip we have of Lord of the Rings Shadow of Angmar so really this shows the gameplay footage of it and this...


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Video The Inheritance Mod Trailer

After piling up on special powers and coding goods, I am finally announcing "The Inheritance mod" (otherwise known as "The Eragon mod")....


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Video T4A: Angband Trailer

Angband is near to be completed, so they made this video for MeC modding day(they did not have a lot of time so sorry for the "missing" bo...


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Video Minas Tirith Video

A small clip from [email protected] about Minas Tirith about the dark forces gathering a very eciting and interesting clip, especially if they made a...


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Video Patch 1.05 Early Conclusion: Dwarves Strategy

Well welcome to the Early Conclusion strategies that I will be doing, it is very difficult to do strategies so early in the patch but i have...


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Video Lotr The White Council: Art- A sneak peak

Art Director Hans Uhlig presents a sneak peek for work in progress art assets, this will be a good movie to watch as this will give you an i...


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Video Lotr The White Council: World And Character Spell

Meet a few of the artists and technical artists on the team and see some of their current work.


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Video Chris Tremmel Interview Part 1

Chris Tremmel interviews Creative Director Chris Tremmel.


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Video Chris Tremmel Interview Part 2

Chris Tremmel interviews Creative Director Chris Tremmel yet again to find out about more about our game.


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Video Animation/Engineering of LOTR The White Council

ind out how things move in Project Gray Company.


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Video Mordor vs Elves 3 By Madfred

Well its Madfreds last video for gamereplays, it is a great one showing the matchup of Mordor v Elves.


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Video Journy Through The Hobbiton Trailer

Journey Through Hobbiton is based upon Gandalf's entry into the shire in Fellowship of the Ring. it is a 2 player map made for fun and batt...


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Video Bfme2 Redone Ini Mod

This is just a little video to show off one of the many things i changed in bfme 2 in my ini mod this part that you will see is me building...


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