BFME2 Polished Mod

Version 1.2:

Installation instructions: Simply extract the _bfme2polished1_2.big file into your Battle for middle earth 2 folder. If...


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File Description

Version 1.2:

Installation instructions: Simply extract the _bfme2polished1_2.big file into your Battle for middle earth 2 folder. If you want to have correct tooltips, rename the englishpatch103.big file in the \lang folder to englishpatch103.bac, then unzip the englishpatch103.big file that comes with the zip into the \lang folder. If you want to revert to the normal game, to be able to play online normally simply delete the _bfme2polished1_2.big file or rename it into _bfme2polished1_2.bac. To restore the normal tooltips, delete the modded englishpatch103.big and rename your englishpatch103.bac back into englishpatch103.big. If you don´t have an english installation, you can still play the mod, but the tooltips will be incorrect.

What´s the purpose of this mod?

I think that Battle for Middle earth 2 is a great game. However it lacks polishing and there are quite a lot of things in the game which are broken/useless/underpowered. The aim of the mod is to fix that by giving every unit/structure/spell a purpose in the game.

This mod fixes almost all bugs in the game, adds some changes that make the gameplay more logical, fixes balancing issues and removes a couple of annoying nuisances. It also adds eventspecific musictriggers, like playing the theme of the charge at the pelennor fields when summoning rohan allies, or playing the music from the two towers during the sun rising when casting daylight. In addition create a heroes should now be pretty balanced, they are still powerful, but shouldn´t be much more powerful than aragorn/lurtz. Another important change is that the AI will now actually build all heroes and gets a huge bonus at the brutal level (+50% buildspeed/costreduction) ; if you don´t wish to play against a cheating AI play against hard and the AI won´t get any boni, but will act smarter due to some changes I made and the better balancing.

Thanks go to: Khe from for helping me with some of the fixes/changes, to HS|Strategy for helping me test the mod online ,to the constructive people at and the folks from for answering a few questions.

So here is the complete list of the changes:

Version 1.2:

-dain: heal ability only heals at most 50% of a units maxhp; resist fear ability should now work vs screech/boromirs horn.

-changed minimum requirements for a couple CaH abilities.

-fixed tooltips

War of the ring: starting cash with fortress increased to 4000 from 1000; time until reinforcements arrive reduced to 5 minutes from 15. ( building forts in that mode was suicide, however the AI always starts by building a fortress so huge starting resources are necessary)

-ranger upgrade damage: decreased flame damage from 50 to 30( high flame makes them too hard to counter, because flame counters cavalry)

-army of the dead: lifetime reduced to 30 seconds from 45.( kills everything and is fast; 45 seconds of invulnerable mode is too much)

-Fixed some issues with trampling which surfaced because cavalry is no longer immune to trample damage. Battlewagons can no longer trample rivendell lancers( bugfix)

-Logo movies no longer play( I guess you have seen them often enough now ;) )

-rivendell lancers and gondor knights now give less xp. (were worth the same amount as Rohiriim before; now same level as other 500 resource units)

-Mumakils now deal 300 extra damage to heroes with their normal attack. ( from almost 0)

-boiling oil, magma cauldrons upgrades from fortress: Rechargetime is now 60 seconds for all fortress types( previously dwarves 20, mordor 30 and men 120 seconds)

-dwarven fortress banner upgrade: build time increased to 30 seconds from 5. (same as men fort now, should be a strategic decision and not instantleadership during an attack)

-dwarven fortress siege kegs: hp bonus increased to 2000 from 1000( was worse than the other forts healing upgrades)

-sauron and galadriel buildcost reduced to 7000, buildtime halved to 150 seconds ( the high price and long wait time made them pretty useless before)

-goblins can now build a balrog instead of sauron when they get the one ring, cost is 7000; buildtime 180 seconds.

-balrog armor vs normal attacks decreased from 1% to 5%. (so races with bad heroes/no magic can kill him)

-drogoth health reduced back to 6000 (He is better than I thought; didn´t know how to use him correctly)

-tweaked a couple of bountyvalues, most of them should be close to 1/4th now.

-reduced xp award of warg sentry building. (semiuseless buildings shouldn´t be worth as much as regular buildings)

-increased baseregendelay from 3 seconds to 10 seconds, so units don´t heal constantly during a battle near a well.

-cirdans shipwork upgrade: cost reduced to 100 from 300. ( Most stuff gets healing for free and 300 is too expensive for ships)

-trolls : increased troll armor vs piercing from 25% to 10% (makes them a better archer counter; no change for attack trolls).

-Gollum : increased speed and armor. You will probably need heroes or Cavalry units to get him ( Sneaksy Sneaksy! We don´t wants to be killed by stinking starting units. Gollum! Gollum! )

-heromountedarmor: increased armor vs piercing from 50% to 25% (Consistency; cavalry counters archers, so mounted heroes should counter archers as well)

-fellbeasts: now get dreadvisage at lvl 2; screech at lvl 6 (consistent with other nazguls)

-Treebeard: Now provides leadership to ents, including speed increase; ent speed reduced to 40 to compensate. ( He is very boring base game; just a regular ent with 3k more hp. That´s pretty sad for such a cool character)

AICHANGE: Brutal AI now gets a 50% buildcost/buildtime bonus up from 15%. Brutal is now really challenging, but still beatable.

-mordor AI now builds mounted nazguls, witchking and more than one fellbeast.

- a few tweaks to the AI´s army composition. Generally less cavalry and more siege units, because the AI doesn´t handle cavalry well.

-Create a hero changes: Significant nerfs to the effects of Armor attribute points. Reduced base hp to 800 from 2300, but significantly increased the effect of spending points on health to compensate. Slight overall nerf to HP. Varies now between 960 and 4000 hp at lvl 1. Reduced base damage to 50, but increased the effect of spent ability points; adjusted other damges as well( now ranges from 50 to ~400)

Significant buff to the effect of the vision attribute after the first 5 points.

Altered maxvalues to make more sense; e. g. dwarves can now get maxhealth, elves are the best autohealers etc(Allows greater distinction between classes; Make sure you mark your modded heroes though and don´t use them in multiplayer when you revert to the original version!!)

increased wizard blast damage to 200/300/ 500 from 80/ 150/250(lvl 3 should be as strong as a standard gandalf wizardblast) increased word of poultry range to 100/150 from 50/100(too small radius for a highlevel ability)

reduced CAH blademaster boni from 200% damage 50% armor to 150% damage, 25% armor ( too strong for a lvl 1 ability)

Berserker/battle rage armor boni reduced to 25/30/35/40 from 50/45/40/35 (was actually made less effective the higher you specialized, which didn´t matter because CAHs were usually at the armorcap anyway) ; Berserker/Battle rage damage mult decreased to 125/150/175/200 % from 150/175/200/225( balance for movement speed buff); movement speed buff added: 120/140/160/180 % rechargetime reduced to 120 seconds from 180(same as blademaster now)

Tornado lifetime reduced to 7/14/21 seconds from 10/20/30( Overpowered ability)

Train allies recharge time reduced to 60 seconds from 240 seconds( might make it useful)

Elendil recharge time reduced to 120 seconds from 180 seconds ( again an ability that is fun but too weak)

Wizards/archer true sight power: rechargetime reduced to 30 seconds from 60 ( again an ability that is fun but too weak)

word of power recharge time reduced to 270 seconds from 360

curse enemy rechargetime decreased to 60 seconds from 300 seconds( the ability isn´t very good anyway 300 seconds is just ridicolous)

glorious charge: no longer affects infantry, only cavalry.

word of poultry recharge time reduced to 180 seconds from 240 seconds( again an ability that is not that good)

screech power: rechargetime reduced to 120 seconds from 180( same as elendil)

oil fire: recharegetime reduced to 180/150/120 from 180/180/180 ( late game the power isn´t that devastating anymore)

coerce power: rechargetime increased to 240 seconds from 60; radius and range decreased. (very powerful ability)

starlight: increased recharge time from 180 seconds to 240 seconds(lvl 10 ability available at lvl 1)

heroic charge: increased recharge time from 60 seconds to 180 seconds( 60 seconds recharge time for such a good buff is silly)

howl of rage: changed armor boni from 75/50/25 to 20/40/60( bugfix, better balanced)

MoTW Heroes: Spendable points reduced from 30 to 28( same number of total points as other heroes)

Troll: Spendable points decreased to 15 from 25 ( to balance his new AOE attack)

Wizards: Spendable points increased to 30 from 25; vision base attribute enhanced by 5 ( same number of total points as other heroes)

selfheal: now heals only 1/20th(lvl1) to 1/10th(lvl2) hp; rechargetime reduced to 5 seconds(workaround for the selfheal bug);removed radius from selfheal lvl 2(it´s called selfheal)

earthshaker: rechargetime increased to 120 seconds from 60( very good power)

Troll heroes now get AOE damage with knockback(looked pretty silly before)

-summon reinforcements timer reduced to 180 seconds for heroes of the west(same as evil heroes now)

-archerspecialization now adds a small AOE attack at lvl 4.

-assassin damage reduced to 1000/2000/3000/4000 from 2000-10000.

Version 1.1


Added event specific music: Summon rohan allies, glorious charge, summon ents, daylight, summon balrog, fuelthefires, undermine,summon dwarven citadel: Now starts a thematic music.(For example now summon rohirrim starts playing the track that plays in the movie during the charge at the pelennor fields)

Added some alternate salute sound for Arwen, Boromir, Elrond, Eowyn, Galadriel, Gandalf, Treebeard, Witchking,Wormtongue, Shelob, Goblinking, Sharku: .( You want to have only a single salute sound when creating units, so that the player doesn´t get confused. Heroes on the other hand are unique and you get enough notifications that you don´t need an unique salute sound. Adds a little bit more variety into the game.)

Hero experience awards: Made the amount heroes give as xp when killed linear; Heroes now give 1/50th of their buildcost as xp, that amount increases by 1/200th per level. (Reason : The scaling is pretty silly base game. For example a lvl 10 theoden gives twice as much hp as a lvl 7 theoden. His increase in power/usefulness from lvl 7 to 10 is pretty minimal however, leading to the absurd result that it´s better for a player to stop levelling his theoden once he reaches lvl 6. Another silly fact about the base game experience system is that a high end hero like legolas is only worth ~1,5 times the xp of a lowend hero like arwen/wormtongue. With my changes all heroes give experience scaled to their power/buildcost)

Enabled monster healing;all trolls heal 15 every second after they have been out of combat for 30 seconds; mumakils 40; mountain giants 20; firedrakes 20.

Enabled healing for all factions infantry/cavalry, if they have a banner carrier: 10 for elves every 2 seconds(as in base game); 25 every 20 seconds for all other units; even less for low hp units like orcs/goblins with healing starting after 30 seconds(I didn´t want to nerf the elven advantage, so all the other races get rather slow healing, the main reason for this change was that it´s silly that bannercarriers can respawn lost units, but can´t heal their horde members) (thanks go to someone named Troll buddy; whose banner and monster healing mod showed me how it´s done)

Mounted heroes: Now start mounted when recruited(theoden, eomer, eowyn, arwen, glorfindel)

Treasurechests: can now be picked up after 1 sec down from 3( was annoying to run over them and not picking them up)

Cirdan´s shipwork: Now heals the ship even when in combat.(was essentially a very expensive banner upgrade, needed to be a bit better)

Stances: Armor/damage boni for stances have been toned down, defensive now gives 25% armor/-25% damage, aggressive gives +25% damage/-25% armor. (It´s no longer a nobrainer choice to have them in defensive all the time, except when you are destroying a building.)

Armor boni for units have been reduced from generally 50% to 25% e. g. leadership or rallying call boni.(makes it so that reaching the 75 percent cap and gaining 4times the normal hp is no longer trivial, should help with early rushing problems and high unit durability in general)

Archer damage vs swordsmen units: reduced from 150% to 125% (To make the archer/pike combo more counterable with the swordsmen/cavalry combo. That one got nerfed due to the lessened impact of stances/armor boni.)

Cavalry armor vs crush decreased from 1% to 100%( enables getting damaged from a mumakil crush attack; also gives the dwarves a good anticavalryweapon with the flaming barrels from wagon/catapult)


Structures now start repairing themselves after 180 seconds, down from 300 seconds.Poison no longer damages structures.(bugfix)

Fortress: Increased armor vs slashing, cavalry and pikes to 20% from 25%, increased armor vs heroes to 40% from 50% (addresses clumping and blademaster heroes) Decreased armor vs flame from 1% to 10% (logic: a flaming boulder should do more damage than a normal one)

Fortress expansion armors: Increased armor vs slashing from 200% to 100% and vs crush from 150% to 100% (logic: why are swords a lot better than pikes and why are fortress expansions so much worse than regular buildings?) Decrease armor vs heroes from 50% to 100% ( logic: hero damage is usually better than normal damage, not worse)

Increased default armor from 75% to 50% ( addresses clumping, structures are far too fragile compared to units) Increased armor vs flame from 100% to 75% (makes firearrow archers a bit less effective at taking down buildings) Decreased armor vs heroes from 50% to 75% (consistency with farm buildings)

Wallgates and postern gates: buildcost reduced to 200 from 500 and 300 (maybe someone will use these if they are cheap)

Archer bombard has now a wider area: increased to 40 from 30.

Battleship: Price reduced to 250 from 750 (might actually make seabattles interesting)

Bombardement ship: Price reduced to 2000 from 3000(was overpriced);Now damages allies, neutrals and enemies, from only enemies( is basically a catpult and not a friend or foe tracking missile) (bugfix)

Spells: Warchant is now a spell and stacks with everything, same as rallying call.

Industry now has a radius of 100 like dwarven riches; both spells had their economy boost reduced to 250%

Balrog: decreased armor vs ranged heroes from 1% to 50%(if heroes can hurt him in melee, then why not with bows?) increased crush damage from 200 to 1000( regular troops shouldn´t survive getting trampled by a balrog)

Watcher: Decreased armor vs ranged heroes from 1% to 50%(if heroes can hurt him in melee, then why not with bows?) Decreased recharge time from 540 to 480 has 60 seconds lifetime, up from 30 seconds( he is stationary, small buff and more fun) ; appear damage changed from crush to force, so that he can damage pikes. (He needs a small buff)

Summoned Dragon:death and appear damage type changed to force from crush; damage increased from 200 to 400( so he can damage pikes)

Wyrm: decreased recharge time from 540 seconds to 420 seconds.

Tombombadil: Restored sound when casting sonic song(BOMBADILLO! sounds great); now correctly shows his leadership ability.(bugfix)

Men longshot ability/arrow volley PP: now hurts both allied and enemy units.(bugfix)

Unique hobbits: Restored appropriate deathsounds from campsoldier.

Hobbit summon: Now summons frodo, sam, pippin and merry permanently. They are also able to gain levels like normal heroes and you can´t get more than one from a hobbit summon. If one of them dies, he can be resummoned, but starts again at lvl 1. So take care of the little hobbits. (special thanks to Khe who made this first and told me how to do it)

Heal: Now restores only half of a units maxhp, but restores three horde members. (It was too powerful on heroes, effectively doubling their hp)

Creeps: Spiderlings from spider lair xp award: changed from 5 to 3( too much xp for a harmless critter); buildcost reduced to 5 from 50;buildtime reduced to 5 secs from 15; commandpoints reduced to 2 from 10( to make untamed allegiance more worthwile on something else than fire drake lairs)

Barrow wight: experience gain halved from 30 to 15(fixes sending orcs/goblins to gather PP and makes more sense since they are rather weak) ; buildcost reduced to 25 from 200; buildtime to 20 from 30;commandpoints to 5 from 10( to make untamed allegiance more worthwile on something else than fire drake lairs)

Warg from warg lair:buildcost reduced to 10 from 100;buildtime reduced to 10 secs from 15; commandpoints reduced to 5 from 10.(same reason as for the other creeps)


Heroes: All hero speeds increased to 50 from 40.

Theoden: respawncost increased to 900 from 600.Mounted damage increased to 150 from 35 (bugfix)

Eowyn: Buildcost reduced to 800 from 1200; gets mount at lvl 1, smite at lvl 3.Now deals 4times the normal damage when fighting the witchking;smite deals double damage vs mounted nazguls and the witchking on foot.

Eomer: Buildcost increased to 1200 from 1000;respawncost increased from 500 to 900 ; spear throw damage increased to 800 from 400

Faramir: Wounding arrow damage increased to 800, removed scalar boni vs trolls and ents, so the wounding arrow is now useful vs most stuff and not only vs trolls/ents/fellbeasts.; respawncost increased to 900 from 600

Aragorn: Respawn cost increased to 1500 from 1000

Boromir: Horn of gondor recharge time increased to 150 seconds from 60; respawncost increased to 900 from 650.

Frodo: Sting now does 400% damage vs Shelob.(movie again)

Gandalf: Damage increased to 150; speed on shadowfax increased to 110;respawncost increased to 2250 from 1500.Now gets 500 health; +25% spelldamage and 25% faster spellrecharge when levelling to white(from 0)(thematic, he should become stronger as white, also buffs him a little to make him more worthy of his 3k cost). Restored spellvoice when casting word of power.(bugfix);Istari light: removed the damage scalar vs the witchking and drogoth, so that one shot now deals only 7500 damage to them and doesn´t kill them instantly from full health.(heroes that cost 5k shouldn´t be shot down in one shot)

Units: Rohirrim: Health reduced to 600 ( they are fast, have great support and do great trample damage, this demotes them somewhat from unkillable demigod status)

Gondor archer: Hp increased to 150 from 100, cost decreased to 200 from 250.movement speed increased to 45 from 40. (utterly useless before, shouldn´t be slower than dwarves)

Tower Guard: movement speed increased to 45 from 40. (shouldn´t be slower than dwarves)

Knights: Increased crush damage from 80 to 110.( needed a small buff)

Ranger: Hp decreased to 300; upgrades to 75 pierce 50 flame damage from 100 pierce 50 flame.(a fast high dps archer unit shouldn´t be a tank as well) longshot damage decreased to 100; reloadtime decreased to 120 seconds(more weaker longshots)

Dunedain: Same nerfs as the ithielien Rangers; Cost 400 from the inn..

Trebuchet: Cost decreased to 700 from 1000 (was too expensive compared to other races siege)


Fortress: Palantir vision and boiling oil release now available from the radial menu once researched.

Heroic statue Leadership: Now gives a 25% armor bonus, up from 0.(bugfix)

Banner upgrade: techcost reduced to 250 from 1000, equip cost reduced to 150 from 300

Wallhub: cost reduced to 50 from 200

Archery range: upgrade cost to lvl 3 reduced to 300 from 1000(1000 was far too expensive for no new units/upgrades)

Stables: upgrade cost reduced to 300 from 1000(same as archery range)

Workshop: lvl 2 and 3 upgrade cost reduced to 250 from 500(overpriced)

Ivory tower fortress upgrade: cost reduced to 1000 from 2500

Grandharvest tech: cost reduced to 500 from 1500 (might actually make marketplace useful)

Ironore tech: cost reduced to 500 from 1500 (might actually make marketplace useful)

Spells: Lone tower recharge time reduced from 180 seconds to 120(very bad 10 PP spell)

Oathbreakers: Now deal only 1% damage to aragorn; (10% killed him still too fast).

Elves: Heroes:

Elven heroes: Now heal 45 per second, up from 30.(fast healing is a racial trait of the elves, as seen from the units; should apply to the heroes too)

Arwen: xp needed for lvl 10 decreased to 800 from 1100,flood recharge time decreased to 240 seconds from 300.

Thranduil: bow damage increased to 150 from 100.Thranduil: Thorn of vengeance fire damage is now actually fire damage and not magic.(bugfix)

Haldir: buildcost reduced to 1200; goldenarrow damage increased to 1200;respawn cost decreased to 900.

Legolas: Removed soundfile where he calls aragorn and gimli for aid.(bugfix)

Units: Mirkwood archers: cost decreased to 500 from 800, health increased to 200 from 150, upgrades to 90 pierce 30 magic from 120 pierce, 30 magic;attackspeed no longer drops when upgraded. (needed a buff desperately, are now similar to rangers)

Lorien warriors and mirkwood sentries: Can no longer fire out of towers.(doesn´t really make sense, why should they suddenly find bows in there?. wildman of dunland can still throw rocks though;bugfix)

Mithlond sentries: hp increased to 150 from 125 (small buff, because they died too fast to archer cav)

Ent: Can now crush cavalry(He is pretty big, should be able to trample things much smaller); hp increased to 2500 from 2000(should be sturdier than cave trolls).

Eagle Health increased to 2500 from 2000; movement speed increased to 105;attackmovement speed to 150(since he is weak and as an elven unit he should at least be as fast/faster than fellbeasts)

Banner upgrade: techcost reduced to 250 from 1000, equip cost reduced to 150 from 300


Entmoot: Cost reduced to 500

Barracks: upgrade cost decreased to 250(lvl 2) and 500(lvl 3), from 500 and 1000. (So teching to mirkwoods is a bit more viable)

Mystic fountains fortress upgrade: cost reduced to 700 from 1500(houses of healing was better and cheaper)

Enchanted anvil fortress upgrade: cost reduced to 300 from 500( now pays off after 10th upgrade)

Crystal moat: cost reduced to 500 from 1000(pretty useless upgrade)

Eagle: cost reduced to 500 (might actually make the monument useful)

Floodgate expansion: cost reduced to 1000 from 1500( can be dodged and gets killed easily)

Wallhub expansion: cost reduced to 50 from 150 (maybe someone will build a wall someday )

Eagle´s nest: now grants a vision bonus like isens/goblins fortress bats upgrade.

Spells: Farsight: recharge time decreased to 60 seconds from 180.

Elven wood: recharge time decreased to 180 seconds from 360.

Dwarves: Heroes:

Gimli: price reduced to 3500 from 4000

Gloin: bountyvalue increased to 625 from 30;Removed the crush damage from gloin´s slam ability, now "only" deals 500 siege damage(was too strong for a lvl 1 ability; I don´t want him to kill all HA units in one hit)


Men of Dale: black arrows damage increased to 150 from 75 speed increased to 50 from 45; cost reduced to 300 from 500; now cost 200 from the inn.

Axethrowers: buildtime increased to 25 seconds from 20, damage reduced from 50 to 40; scalar vs buildings reduced from 5000% to 2500%. (powerful unit, less spammability)

Guardian: buildtime increased to 25 seconds from 20 (powerful unit, less spammability) siegehammer damage vs units increased to 50, damage vs structures increased from 110 to 200( since this is an expensive tier 3 upgrade that benefits only a single type of unit vs structures only, it should better be good at it´s job), forgedblades upgrade damage decreased to 100 from 150(bugfix)

Battlewagon: Oilbarrel damage increased to 400 from 200(deals crush damage, makes it less powerful);men of dale upgrade cost reduced to 100 from 200;axethrower upgrade cost reduced to 50 from 200.Battlewagon pikes: Now deal specialist(pike) damage instead of slash.(bugfix);Can now capture buildings(like all other cavalry); give now twice the experience(base game a lvl 5 battlewagon is worth only 4 lvl 1 gondor knights)

Demolisher: Cost reduced to 400 from 600 (never used);now gives twice the experience.(had to do that because of the battlewagon change, won´t affect the game much)

Dwarven catapult: Now takes 10%damage from hero´s special ranged attacks, like hawkstrike/wounding arrow. (consistency with other catapults) (thanks to Khe for finding this one) (bugfix)

Banner upgrade: Techcost reduced to 500 from 1000, equip cost reduced to 200 from 300 (more useful than for other races due to bullrush)


Mighty catapult fortress upgrade: reloadtime decreased from 300 to 180 seconds. (does only 1/3rd of the damage of the gogoroth spire and has a smaller radius)

Dwarven fortress: Oil cask release now available from the radial menu once researched.

Wallhub expansion: Cost reduced to 50 from 150 (maybe someone will build a wall someday )

Dwarven Hearth: Now heals heroes, like all other healing structures.(bugfix)

Barracks: Build speed increased to 30 seconds from 20, upgrade cost reduced to 200 from 500(lvl 2) and 400 from 1000(lvl 3) (no upgrades and no new units, but lots of health)

Archery range: Build speed decreased to 30 seconds from 45, price decreased to 500 from 600; upgrade cost for lvl 3 decreased to 300 from 1000 (Nerf to axethrowers makes the longer buildtime unnecessary, lvl 3 upgrade was overpriced)


Dwarven citadel: Recharge time decreased to 540 seconds from 720.

Lone tower: Recharge time decreased to 120 seconds from 180



Goblinking: Price reduced from 3000 to 2000(was definitely overpriced); speed increased to 60 from 50(can almost keep up with goblins now)

Shelob: Increased armor vs pikes from 125% to 75% (overnerfed)

Drogoth: hp increased to 8000 from 6000 (makes him equal to the witchking in hp); Wingblast damage type changed from crush to force( so he can damage pikes). Got a bountyvale of 1000; previously 0 .(bugfix)

Lumbermill: cost reduced from 450 to 300(should make them at least somewhat buildable)

Firedrake: cost reduced to 1000; buildtime increased to 60 seconds from 30 (should make the dragon´s nest a viable upgrade)

Razorspines: cost reduced to 500, damage increased to 200(was pretty useless before, one time specialist damage of 150 isn´t much)

Fissure: upgradecost for lvl 2 reduced to 250, for lvl 3 to 500 (halftrolls are already the best unit from the fissure, making upgrades rather pointless)

Spider pit: upgradecost for lvl 3 reduced to 300 (1000 was far too much for a weak upgrade)

sentry tower: hp increased to 3000 from 1500

Burrows fortress expansion: Cost decreased to 100 from 700(tunnel serves same purpose and has lots of other benefits)

Mountain giant: Better armor agains flames(100% from 300%) and slash(50% from 100%) (more entlike, not so sucky) Stomp radius increased from 50 to 70 (couldn´t even stomp pikemen next to him);Can now crush cavalry(He is pretty big, should be able to trample things much smaller);changed damage type when dying from crush to Force; increased damage when dying from 100 to 300( so that it damages pikes/cav/heroes and kills most regular troops)

CaveTroll: Cost reduced to 400;now buildable from lvl 1 fissure; can now trample infantry with the same damage as mordor trolls.( so goblins have access to an early archer counter, no trampling seems to have been an oversight); crush damage increased to 50 from 10.Throw goblin now does 400 force damage from 200 siege damage( was useless before, same effect as rockthrowing, but you lose an extra goblin; siege damage made no sense either, the only effect a thrown goblin should have on a structure is that it will need a new paint job)

Spiderlings from spiderling holes: Health decreased to 100 from 300(those small spiders had more health than a dwarven axethrower)

Banner upgrade cost: tech cost reduced to 250, upgrade cost reduced to 150.

Venom sacks: techcost reduced to 250; upgrade cost reduced to 100.

MORDOR: Heroes: Mouth of Sauron: Hp decreased to 3500 from 5000 ( had more hp than gimli?);Evil eye: removed the damage scalar vs the witchking and drogoth, so that one shot now deals only 6000 damage to them and doesn´t kill them instantly from full health.(heroes that cost 5k shouldn´t be shot down in one shot)

Witchking: Heal amount increased from 20 to 60; hour of the witchking recharge time decreased from 300 seconds to 180 seconds.Got bountyvalue of 1000( previously 0). Screeching on foot now works correctly(thanks to KHE for fixing this)(bugfix); armor on fellbeast vs piercing increased to 75%;(His fellbeast form was underpowered, since he doesn´t have any noticeable benefit compared to a regular fellbeast); reduced speed on foot from 65 to 55( same as other nazgul now).

nazguls on horse: 6 are now recruitable; commandpointcost increased to 50; die message can now play every 15 seconds(it´s nice to have the nine complete; increased commandpoints so that his change is not overpowered in mordors lategame); Now do hero damage when trampling(dealt gondor cavalry damage before; bugfix)


Battering Ram: cost reduced to 200 from 400( should be cheaper than the better and more versatile catapult)

Mordor archer: Cost reduced to 250 from 300(was a bit too expensive)

Corsairs: Cost reduced to 300 from 400 (come from a pretty useless building, low health)

Troll: Cost reduced to 400 health increased to 2000 from 1500;crush damage increased to 50 from 10 (underpowered, due to single unit and bad armor)

Drummertroll: Buildtime reduced to 30, cost reduced to 600 (slow unit, easy to kill);Changed damage type from crush to siege (crush makes no sense for a normal attack and leads to silly things like 0 damage to structures;bugfix)

Attacktroll: Now gives twice the amount of xp as a normal troll(from same amount)

Soldier of rhun: Fixed heavy armor bug

Haradrim archers: got bountyvalue of 12, from 0(bugfix)

Mumakil: Increased armor vs pikes from 175% to 125%.

Mordor catapults: Are now able to inflict damage on each other.(bugfix)


Mordorfortress: magma cauldron release now available from the radial menu once researched.

Lavamoat: Cost decreased to 500 from 1000(same as elven moat)

Orc pit: Upgrade cost reduced to 100(lvl2) and 200(lvl3) from 500/1000.

Banner upgrade cost: Tech cost reduced to 250, upgrade cost reduced to 100.

Lumbermill: Cost reduced from 450 to 300(should make them at least somewhat buildable)

Mumakil pen: Upgrade costs reduced to 200(lvl 2) and 400(lvl 3) from 250 and 500.

Siegeworks: Upgrade cost to lvl3 reduced to 300 from 1000.

Haradrim palace: Upgradecost for lvl 3 reduced to 300 from 1000.No longer gains arrow tower at lvl 2 upgrade.(bugfix)

Spells: Barricade: Recharge time reduced to 150 seconds from 180 (worse than the other lvl 10 powers, but better than the other tower summons)



Lurtz: Buildcost increased to 1500;ressurect cost increased to 1125(He is far too good for a 1200 hero); bow damage type in melee changed to hero from Crush(crush makes no sense;bugfix);Deals three time the normal damage to boromir with his crossbow, but takes double damage from aragorn. (another nod to the movie)

Sharku: Damage increased to 250 (makes him a good cavalry counter);got bountyvalue 250;previously 0.

Saruman: Cost decreased to 2500;respawncost decreased to 1875; damage increased to 150;wormtongue ability recharge time reduced to 180 seconds from 300.( slight buffs) Now deals AoE damage, previously only one of the units he knocked back received damage.(bugfix)

Wormtongue: Backstab damage now deals 1000 Hero damage to Saruman and Theoden; Poison duration increased to 60 seconds from 20 (small nod to the movie/book)


Battering Ram: cost reduced to 200 from 400( should be cheaper than the better and more versatile catapult)

Crossbows: Base damage increased by 5. They deal +25% damage now vs flying units(Isengard needs this, since they have no elite archer unit and the firearrowupgrade comes very late)

Warg riders: Warg howl no longer gives an armor bonus, they just gain a +50% damage buff.

Explosive mine: Buildcost reduced to 300 from 500( hard to use well)

Banner upgrade cost: Tech cost reduced to 250, upgrade cost reduced to 150.

Structures: Burning forges fortress upgrade: Cost reduced to 300 from 500(like elven forge)

Excavations fortress upgrade: Buildcost reduced to 700 from 1000 ( similar to the forge this upgrade pays off far too late)

Siege works: Upgrade cost for lvl 3 reduced to 500 from 1000 (so that isen can get ballistas faster)

Lumbermill: Cost reduced from 450 to 300(should make them at least somewhat buildable)

Urukpit: lvl 3 upgrade cost reduced to 300 from 1000.

Isengard minelauncher fortress expansion: reduced price from 1500 to 750( was overpriced).

Warg sentry: Building cost reduced to 150 from 400;warg sentry replacement cost reduced to 50 from 100;damage to buildings now 50% (utterly useless, might serve now as a scout building)

Wallhub expansion: Cost reduced to 50 from 150 (maybe someone will build a wall someday )

Spells: Palantir vision: Recharge time decreased to 60 seconds from 180.

Tainted land: Recharge time decreased to 180 seconds from 360

Dragonstrike: Dragon now moves with a speed of 200 (might make him useful vs armies);damage vs fort reduced to 10% (forts aren´t immune to fire anymore, he deals the same damage as premod to them);increased armor vs piercing from 100% to 25% (shouldn´t be shot down so easily and give tons of PP)

Devastation: Damage vs ents increased to 3000 from 800( now takes 3/4th of their hp)

Fuelthe fires: Now increases resource gain from lumbermills by 400% up from 200%(should be powerful as a tier3 power)

Rain: Now removes both buffs and leadership.(many types of leadership are classified as buffs, so this is mostly a bugfix and makes rain more worthy of a 15PP power)(bugfix)

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