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Alright, I'm back! It took me a while to fiw the bugs, but I have a Beta of Minas Tirith out now! Finally! This is a beta because: 1. The...


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Alright, I'm back! It took me a while to fiw the bugs, but I have a Beta of Minas Tirith out now! Finally! This is a beta because: 1. There are a few bugs to sort out, and I want to add a few things, and 2. I haven't added it to the next pack: BFME2 Super EA Maps Part 2: Men of the West Fortresses. This one will have Helms Deep, Minas Tirith 2v2, and a special fortress map that is already submitted to this site with extra features. I SWEAR, this will be fun! For now, though, enjoy this! I don't care how badly you rate it, 'cause it isn't unfinished. Now for the details. I have included the Black Gates map, this time with extra extra features ^^! You can play 2v2 now, there is another player behind the Black Gates. EVERYBODY gets starting units, and I hope that they all turn out right. In Minas Tirith: You get to play 4v3, that is, 2 people inside a 3 level Minas Tirith PLUS two people at the top of the map, plus 3 people at the bottom. I have disabled Rangers (for the reason that THEY WEREN'T THERE!), Balrog, and Army of the Dead (temporarily...) for a bit of reality, however sparse it is. I have also disabled Cloud Break, because "Darkness should be eternal" (-Kingdom Hearts (Ansem)) ^_^ .Each person in Minas Tirith gets to have many starting units and heroes, as well as plenty of defensive foundations (Trebuchets). By the way, The heroes are a little wonky right now; Gandalf is lower level than Theoden and Eomer! I will fix that in the next update. The stairs leading to the third level are also wonky; they are sticking out a bit from the second level wall, and are attached to that same wall, too. This is not a bug that needs to be dealt with, however, because it works fine. The people at the top of the map get to start with different units/heroes, but pretty much have the same features as the rest of my maps' players. The Mordor players, however, are special. They each get an impressive army: Player at the far left gets Gothmog, drummer trolls, and LOTS of orcs. The middle player at the bottom gets the Witchking, 2 mountain trolls, and 2 siege towers. The player furthest to the bottom right gets 4 attack trolls, Grond (you expected this one, I'm sure) and, um... I think that's it. Still, good army! The key for the top players to survive is a special timer. It doesn't let anyone go past the center area of the map, meaning noone can attack anyone. You get lots of resources, so you can build up defenses, just make sure that you're ready for that timer, 'cause it COULD be the end of your game! If the battle lasts for an hour or more, I have allowed the summoning of "super weapons" (Army of the Dead and the Balrog) for each and every player, meaning total annhialation. Remember, this is a work in progress! I will be working on this, AND I have a mod I'm trying to get to work. It brings all of the Elder Races (Elves, Dwarves, and Mordor (overpowered for the mod)) together for BFME 1 WAR ! I think it will rule, myself, but we will have to see... This will come out this year, I hope, but I still have to do a little work for the Dwarven units. I have to find a way to put them in! 'Till next time,

Lord of Nazgul.

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