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For those who have been wondering what this brilliant patch is, it's THE almighty balance patch to take them all down!

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For those who have been wondering what this brilliant patch is, it's THE almighty balance patch to take them all down!

Created by the one and only Maddox, the man to balance them all, he made 1.06 and is now continuing his works to balance this game even further. This is the patch you need for clanwars so I suggest you download and come and join in the balanced fun :D

It would be unfair to give a rating to the mod because it'll be biased, I'll leave it to you to make up your judgement.

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Battletest2 DC Changelog
Version 2.2 - 20/12/07

Changes from previous Version (2.1):

*- All Forces of Darkness fire arrows equip cost now 250 (was 300/400)
*- Mounted hero armor takes 20% (was 15%) from cavalry ranged.
*- Hero armor takes 35% (was 25%) from Uruk damage type
*- Neutral Inn health now 2000 (was 3000)
*- New "Resilient Hero" armor. 33% default, 25% slash and cavalry, 17% pierce and magic, 55% specialist, 20% cavalry-ranged and flame, 60% poison and hero, 50% siege and structural
*- Balrog now takes 70% from magic (was 100%), sword siege damage penalty vs forts now -87.5% (was -80%)
*- Archers defensive stance speed penalty reduced to -35% (was -60%)
*- Buckland Map: terrain under towers leveled (height advantage removed), Troll lairs replaced by Warg lairs
*- New 1v1 Tournament Style map added: Ankh Morpork by YidArmy1885; balance and flow re-design by MaDDoX


*- Gondor Archers experience award now 2/2/3/4/5 (was 3/4/5/6/7), experience requirement 1/40/80/120/160 (was 1/50/100/150/200); for levels 1 thru 5 respectively
*- Soldier Shieldwall formation base armor bonus +20% (was +25%), now makes pierce armor 100/16% (from 125/20%)
*- Eowyn spear reload now 1m30s (was 1m), +200% damage bonus to all ground evil heroes and Drogoth. Includes Lurtz, MoS, Nazgul, Wormtongue, Saruman, Sharku, Gorkil, Drogoth and Shelob
*- Towerguard buildtime 24s (was 20s)
*- Mounted Gandalf armor now resilient-hero (was tough-hero)
*- Theoden buildtime 55s (was 1m10s), revival times adjusted accordingly


*- Lorien warrior experience award increased by 1 in all levels, experience requirement 1/75/150/225/300 (1/50/100/150/200)
*- Lorien Archer now takes 67/40% from cavalry-ranged damage (was 100/50%), unupgraded weapon -10% damage penalty vs non-archer infantry removed
*- Giant eagle takes 62% (from 55%) from structural damage, summon duration now 70s (was 40s)
*- Mithlond buildtime 38s (was 40s)
*- Mirkwood takes 250% from crush (was 200%), minimum range removed.
*- Thranduil base weapon damage penalty vs machines now -60% (was -85%), armor now resilient-hero (was hero-mounted)
*- Flood power base damage 215 (was 142), damage penalty vs forts now -87.5 (was -75%)
*- Legolas Train Archers ability now on level 3 (was level 4), knife fighter on level 4 (was 6)
*- Mallorn Tree health now 1040 (was 940)


*- Guardians experience award increased by 1 in all levels
*- MoD summon duration 2m30s (was 3m)
*- King Dain armor resilient-hero (was hero-mounted)
*- Archery range buildtime 30s (was 35s)
*- Axe Thrower now has a 20% projectile dodge rate, upgraded weapon +25% damage bonus vs heroes, knockback stun duration average 950ms (was 1.9s)
*- Battlewagon now takes 80% (was 50%) from cavalry ranged, 125% (was 100%) from poison damage; hearth upgrade time 20s (was 45s), heal rate 1.5s (was 2s)
*- Gimli axethrower damage bonus vs battlewagons now +300% (was +500%, no longer one-shots BWs)
*- Earthquake now only damage units in its epicenter (25% in the core - 1/3 radius - and 10% in the center - up to 2/3 radius). Damage now 100% in the core, 66% in the center and 33% in the outer area

*- Demolisher now takes 150/75% from specialist (was 125/60%), buildtime 40s (was 30s)
*- Forge Works level 2 production speed bonus +15% (was +10%)

*- Orc horde bonus +33% attack (was +50%)
*- Orc Fighter speed 42 (was 40), takes 75% dmg from uruk type (was 50%)
*- Orc archer speed 55 (was 57)
*- Banner carrier research cost 300 (was 600) and time 20s (was 30s)
*- Barrow Wight (from Morgul Blade) summon duration now 1m40s (was 2m), now invulnerable to knock back
*- Haradrim Palace Level 2 upgrade cost 300 (was 500)
*- Haradrim archers cost 450 (was 500), speed 55 (was 50), barbed arrows no longer damage structures
*- Orc pit health 1650 (was 1500), cost to upgrade to level 2 now 350 (was 500)
*- Mummakil pen health 2600 (was 1500), troll cage health 3500 (was 2500)
*- Mouth of Sauron mounted armor now resilient-hero (was tough), Evil eye damage bonus vs fellbeasts +30% (was +80%), damage bonus vs Mounted Witchking +50% (was +100%), -30% damage penalty vs Legolas
*- Mountain Troll no longer automatically crushes pike units
*- Attack Troll crush damage 50 (was 10)

*- Isengard banner carrier research cost 250 (was 600) and time 15s (was 30s); equip cost now 200 (was 300)
*- Warg Rider crush radius removed
*- Berserker now takes 80% from specialist (was 70%), 200% from crush (was 100%), damage penalty vs cavalry now -50% (was -80%)
*- Crossbows now have a +15% damage bonus against Giant Eagles, flame weapon now deals 70 pierce dmg (was 75), +45 flame (was 35)
*- Furnace health 1080 (was 980)
*- Dragon Strike pre-attack delay 0.8s (was 1.6s)
*- Summon Dragon pre-attack delay 0.766 (was 2s)
*- Uruk Hai Formation now take 105/30% from pierce (from 140/40%), 105/60% from cavalry-ranged (instead of 140/80%), and 85/16% from structural (instead of 100/20%)


*- Goblin Warrior experience award is now randomly picked between 1/1/2/3/4 and 2/2/3/4/5, on levels 1 thru 5 respectively
*- Banner carrier research cost 250 (was 600) and time 15s (was 30s)
*- Spider Rider bow damage 47 (was 52), now take 225 from hero ranged (was 200%)
*- Tunnel armor bonus on levels 2 and 3 now +25% (was 50%)
*- Goblin Halftroll takes 175% from Uruk type damage (was 100%)
*- Drogoth now heals 1% of its health every 2.5s, up to about 75% health, when near a fortress' dragon monument
*- Goblin Archer cost 320 (was 350)
*- Spiderling now has a -10% damage penalty against resource buildings
*- Shelob moving turn radius 10 degrees (was 0), turn time 2.5s (was 4s)
*- Goblin King Mounted Speed 90 (was 81)


*- Back button not showing up in mordor's hero selection menu fixed
*- Dwarven BW AT can no longer fire out of mines
*- Boromir leadership disabling allied damage leadership fixed
*- Saruman base weapon knockbacking allied units fixed
*- Boromir's Horn of Gondor fear duration on Forces of Darkness units now properly 10s (was 15s)
*- Mounted Goblin King stuttering while turning fixed
*- Warg Sentry Locomotor sensibly improved

Changes for the string file:

Tooltips corrected:
Fuel the Fires
Gimli's Slayer
Block formations for both uruks and SoG
Legolas's Knife fighter
Legolas's Train archers
Glorfindel's Blade of Purity

Hotkey changes:
Mirkwood archer cloak ability (also Sam's) hotkey changed from E to C
Guardian bullrush from E to R
Uruk warrior and SoG block formation from M to R

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