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%[email protected]#Command_CreateAHero_Fireball_Level3 Command_CreateAHero_Toughness &Command_CreateAHero_InspireFear_Level1 Command_CreateAHeroLeaders...


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%[email protected]#Command_CreateAHero_Fireball_Level3 Command_CreateAHero_Toughness &Command_CreateAHero_InspireFear_Level1 Command_CreateAHeroLeadership &Command_CreateAHeroPoisonAttack_Level4 +Command_CreateAHero_SoS_SummonAllies_Level4 &Command_CreateAHero_EarthShaker_Level3 'Command_CreateAHero_SpawnTornado_Level3 2Command_CreateAHero_SpecialAbilityForcePush_Level3 -Command_CreateAHero_SpecialAbilityWordOfPower this file dose not change any of the BFME files so dose not damage your system. he is simply the greatest hero you can get with out knowing extensive knowledge of file minipulation.****IMPORTANTINSTALATION****the directory to place the content of the folder should be simular to this C:UsersHartleyAppDataRoamingMy Battle for Middle-earth(tm) II FilesSavesimply input both

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