Defend the elven treasuer

***Defend_Elven_Treasure*** Created By Superjosh

***Please Rate this Map!*** ***This is not a cheat map*** ***I repeat this is not a...


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***Defend_Elven_Treasure*** Created By Superjosh

***Please Rate this Map!*** ***This is not a cheat map*** ***I repeat this is not a cheat map***

This is a not so simple map i created in my spare time. If you try it out and you dont like its not the map its YOU. I'v had official EA people play it and there impresed. I give my map 4 stars!

Setting-Back_of_Elven_City(Where the elven treasure is)

Info_on_elven_treasure- The elven treasure is the only thing that keeps the elves alive for ever and makes them have there special abilitys. This has been a secret for many years(thousands)

***Story_Line*** Long ago there was a great battle for control of middle earth. Saron (the evil dude) was the master of all the rings including the *one ring to rule them all. After Sarons defeat The wild goblins and some random cave trolls and fire drakes start a war with the Elves. The goblins attacked the back of the Elven city trying to take the Elven Treasure. Beacause the Goblins Will poisen it which will release poisin into the Elven Peoples Blood. After Almost loosing the Elven Treasure The Elves Called upon the help of the Fellowship Excluding The hobbits because there too small and can only kick the knee caps of the gobbys.(lol) Now the Fellowship has arived and the battle wages on.

Map created by superjosh Send all advise to [email protected] or [email protected] Any spam, or hate mail will be reported and deleted upon reading.

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