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Welcome to my mod, until now I've kept this a private mod for use mainly at lan parties. I made this mod because I felt that BFME2 suffere...


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Welcome to my mod, until now I've kept this a private mod for use mainly at lan parties. I made this mod because I felt that BFME2 suffered from a lack of diversity. Too many games are reliant on rush tactics (whoever sucker punches the other guy 1st usually wins), so I decided to try my best to put strategy back into BFME2.

This mod is intended to be played on the v1.04 patch. The objective of the mod is to add more of an emphasis on defense and siege. The command point limit has been jacked waaaay up, (now you can play Helms the way it was meant to be played...with thousands of Uruks!) so expect some lag if you are running on high graphics. That's a very short description of this mod, so I'll the highlight some of the other key features to give you an idea of what your downloading. ALSO, you must realize that the AI (no matter what difficulty you have them on) WILL take advantage of this mod. They will come at you with LOTS of units, so make sure you respond in kind, or build walls)

1 - Command Point cap has been lifted (starts at 6500 on most maps, and raises even further when you build fortresses/resource buildings)

2 - Camera height has been adjusted for SOME maps (still working on integrating it with all maps). So now you can get a wider view of the battlefield.

3 - Resource building "area of effectiveness" has been eliminated, meaning that you can now build them side by side if you wish, and not be penalized for it. In order to compensate for farm spamming, I've made it so that building too many resource buildings will gradually result in lowered output on ALL buildings. So build some (4 or 6 should be enough for a start) close to your base and allow them time to mature to level 3. HINT - use powers like Industry or Dwarven Riches to give grouped buildings a HUGE boost in economic output.

4 - Walls are now MUCH stronger and will almost never fall to infantry or cavalry poking at them with spears and swords. They do however have an increased vulnerability to SIEGE weapons. "...Siege? what's that you say? you mean there's actually a reason to use siege?!?!" yes, that's right...catapults, ballistas, ents, mtn giants, etc are now extremely necessary in bringing down an opponent. Walls will be especially important in dealing with AI. As I mentioned above, the AI has a field day with command point cap lol. Just make sure you have walls and you'll be fine... until they start pulling in the siege.

5 - Fortress strength/weapon range are now based on what race you are. For example: A Dwarven fortress will have slightly sturdier defenses than

other races, while the Elves will have one of the weakest fortresses, but they will be compensated with increased range (for knocking out siege).

6 - Builders now cost only 100 resources (From 500). I have compensated for this you must be VERY cautious of where you keep your builders now, for the health of all builder units is also 100 (From 500). Build time is now 35 seconds (from 30 secs).

7 - ElvenGuards have been added to the Elven faction(Elven archers/swordsmen from BFME1), all credit goes to it's original author at:;61608

8 - The spellbook has been slightly altered. I don't mind magic, especially in a fantasy game...but most of the level 15 and 25 spells are capable of leveling entire armies/fortresses. The 1st and 2nd cost levels are unchanged, as they are mostly just support spells. Level 3 and 4 spells now cost 20 and 30 (from 15 and 25).

9 - Pretty much all hero's have been changed a little, no big differences though. Mainy just gives the earlier hero's a better chance to survive a later game.

10 - Every faction now has a unit that is 20% more resistant to fire arrows, after they have been upgraded with heavy armor. This unit is usually the primary infantry class, though for the Elves it is the ElvenGuard, for Mordor it is the Easterlings, and for Men it is TowerGuard. 11 - There are many more tiny details that I'm probably forgetting...but these are the main things that the mod focuses on.

Installation - 1 - Extract the "ini" file into your BFME2 folders DATA file (example: E:\Games\Lord of the Rings - Battle for Middle Earth II\data) 2 - Remove your "ini.big" file from your main BFME2 directory. IMPORTANT - I advise keeping this file somewhere safe, as you will need it to properly uninstall this mod.

Uninstallation - 1 - Remove the "ini" file in your data folder. 2 - Put the "ini.big" file back in your main BFME2 directory.

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