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Lord of the Rings - Battle for Middle Earth 2 Extended Campaign Mod By Argolis

Although I liked the cam...


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Lord of the Rings - Battle for Middle Earth 2 Extended Campaign Mod By Argolis

Although I liked the campaigns for both games, I thought they were painfully short, so, I've started working on expanding the campaign for BFME2.

the first phase of the mod is to port all the scripted missions from the BFME1 campaigns (good and evil) into the BFME2 campaigns. Of course improving, and hopefully making a little harder as I go along.

The second phase is to start adding additional parts to the campaigns (i have my eye on the Fords of Isen 1 + 2, The paths of the dead, The Pelennor wall, the Dead marshes and Dol Amroth (also as a possible finale for the evil campaign) plus many others.

This VERY early version of the mod adds 2 missions from the BFME1 campaign into the BFME2 good campaign. The first 3 missions of the Good campaign are now as follows

1 - Moria (from BFME1, very few modifications) 2 - Rivendell (unchanged from BFME2) 3 - Lothlorien (from BFME1, a few small changes, plus added Haldir)

All the voices from the 2 missions are included in this mod, but for the moment I wont include the movie files, they do work (although without sound) but are rather large, so ill save them for hte first complete release.


While I'm fairly confident I can do the core campaign bits myself, I am completely out of my depth when it comes to proper modding. If anyone is interested in helping me out in the second phase of the mod, when ill be needing a few extra units and heroes, please feel free to get in touch.

Known bugs

The very first part of Moria (where Boromir says "this isn't a mine its a tomb") now has a missing texture, as I messed something up, and don't know what! I'll fix in the next version.

I haven't done the objectives text for Lothlorien yet, again for the next version.

The fellowhip heroes have no cap on how fast they level up, as at present they only get 2 missions.

Credit where its due.

I have included in this mod "Clords AI and Balance mod, version 1.15", and Gholins "Elven Guard" mods, since I use these mods and don't want to keep switching files, when I feel like actually PLAYING the game. Plus there both VERY good.

The porting of the campaign missions was all me. For what little it's worth...

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