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Fortress is elronds house - as this is where the fellowshi...


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fellowship faction|


Fortress is elronds house - as this is where the fellowship originally met new mallorn tree which produces more than usual resources (this is because lack of units, and they need two types or upgrades men/elven) ranger tent - trains men of dale, elven warriors from bfme 1, ithilien rangers - also where you buy all upgrades hobbit barracks - trains sheriffs, and the 4 heros normal mens barracks normal ent moot for siege stable, trains rohirrim only - as the fellowship only really used these elven mirror of gladriel - seen as though they saw this, didnt see many wells mens walls and sentry tower

a new aragorn legolas gimli boromir gandalf

all new skins (even for the ones in other factions) "big thanks to kingduku for these" but the ones in the fellowship faction are much stronger health and strengthwise. also much cheaper


Legolas level 10 whirlwind power gimli has a level 4 shake foundation power and a level 10 bombard power boromir has a last stand ability at level 3 and a invunerabilty power at level 10 gandalfs word of power is now used at level 8 New spellbook for the fellowship faction sam level 10 power that can summon lots of hobbit friends frodos level 10 power is he can summon the 3 eagles which saved him off mt doom.

NOTE these hero changes are only for the fellowship faction, and for balance purposes

The only other general changes at this minute is eowyn and faramir can mount at level 1.


There is one bug i no of at this time. and thats the ability to build ur create a hero. i recommend not having a create a hero when playing this faction as of yet as it needs fixing. Also the spell book, you can buy the last power (25pts) without purchasing the rest of the spells. will be fixed soon. And once the fortress is destroyed it cannot be remade.

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