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You can tell because it's a fellowship mod I haven't really touched the other factions.

Men: Isildur is there new ringhero Da...


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You can tell because it's a fellowship mod I haven't really touched the other factions.

Men: Isildur is there new ringhero Damrod Added - new skin - He costs 1000, just a strong ranger type unit Gamling Added - new abilties and CaH voice, weaker boromir New skins for gondor soldiers and archers Peasants added with no upgrades available Towerguards need a level 2 barracks

Elves: GilGalad added - new abilites - elronds voice Last alliance elves and men added - summon by GilGalad ONLY Elrond attacks quicker Glorfindel buffed, power to summon rivendell lancers Ents and Treebeard become stealthed near trees New Noldorian Knights new brown hair for lorien warriors

Dwarfs: Balin is there ringhero - new powers - voice of CaH Tom Bombadil available

Isengard: Saruman is ringhero and stronger Ugluk added - abilities new - voice and images new Othrod Added - mini balrog - weaker and smaller Drake buildable from level 3 siege works

Mordor: Nazguls no longer go to ground to do there screech it happens in the air instead of darkness spell power, there is a haradrim summon which summons overlords, harad lancers, and NEW Harad Riders

Wild: Balrog as main ringhero Balcmeg and Lug added, mini balrogs weaker than othrod, but still strong

Fellowship: So... New Buildings : Fortress is rohan golden hall New Tree Mens Barracks Hobbits Barracks for hobbit sheriffs and the heros Ranger tent for rohan yeomen, dunedain and gladrhim (elven warriors from bfme1) Stable with just rohirrim Mirror of gladriel Ent moot Wight Lair for upgrades (as this is where the hobbits got swords from in the book) Rohan sentry tower Mens walls

Heros: Strider added, no longer aragorn he's a ranger Boromir has a last stand power and invunerability power Gimli has a shake foundation power and a game power (same as legolas, when gimli and lego are close they gain major bonuses) Legolas has a game power and the knife fighter is gone.... as its a Toggle between bow and sword Gandalf when not with the ring he has wizard blast, lightning blast and istari light, and stays grey New skins for Legolas, Gimli, Gandalf, Boromir

The Ring Upgrade :

Ok i shall explain this: when you find the ring and take it back to the fortress, you then have to purchase an upgrade costing 7500 this when purchased effects gandalf. u click a button which then makes him wear the ring become white and all his powers are made stronger, quicker to recharge, more health etc. his istari light is more of an aura power and is much stronger.

So thats how the ring works...

Other things: new spellbook made up of other spells Springtime - a grand harvest type power for the trees new skin for the porter New startup screens And the game version says Fellowship Mod Version 1.4

units: the units available are rohan peasants gondor men gondor tower guards Rohirrim Yeomen Dunedain } these 3 archers require the tent upgraded before you can get the next lot Gladrahim (elven warriors)

im sure iv probably missed something...

Credits: Duku The Doc The coders of this mod, Zimoo & Solinx & Me :) Vapula Valandil

Probably more...

Have Fun!

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