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This mod, that I have created, is a tribute to the Original BFME 2 without expansions etc. I have created this, and decided to release this...


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This mod, that I have created, is a tribute to the Original BFME 2 without expansions etc. I have created this, and decided to release this mod early as the new ROTWK comes out imminently, therefore most people will be buying it and won’t be able to use my mod! Therefore, here it is, at least 87% complete I would say. There will be something’s that I have forgotten to change or edit but, I might, just might bring out another improved Version of this mod. Who knows? But here it is!

The things I have mainly changed are hero powers, timers, spell book powers, armour values, health values, costs of heroes, just mainly the whole game, here is a general list of changes (might have missed some out).

Enjoy my mod, leave comments and rate!


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 have edited the names of millions of the games in game labels For Ex: 

Blade of Purity is now >> Fury of the Elven Lord’s (as he was an Elven Lord) 

Natures Wrath is now >> Power of Nenya (Nenya was Galadriel’s Ring) 

Flood is now>> Arwen’s – Loudwaters Spell book – Power of Vilya (Vilya was the actual thing that made the flood in the books, in the film Arwen summons it but really, vilya and Elrond compose it) 

Wind Rider is now >> Haste of Asfaloth (Asfaloth is the horse Glorfindel rides) 

Word of Power >> Ring of Fire (Gandalf’s ring, Narya, was the ring of fire) 

Lightning Bolt (Saruman) is now >> Storm, Saruman makes a storm now 

And many, many more that I cannot remember. : P 

General Changes- 


Tower Guards are really, really powerful, and very strong, the second from best Pike units in the game. Health, Armour, Damage, all increased. 

Soldiers have been increased slightly, though nothing much changed here. 

Archers, damage has been increased a little, and health to 200, that’s it. 

Rangers are the best archer unit for the MOTW, with a high rate of fire and damage and health they are the second from best archer unit in the game. Their range has been increased to. 

Knight of Gondor has been made better, when they trample they can kill most swordsmen and archers, when I say most I mean, the weak to medium ones, there damage and health has also been increased, they used to be very weak. 

Rohirrm; are the strongest ground unit in the game. They can just about take a pike man hit without any of the battalion dieing, they have very high damage and 1000 health, the highest ground unit health in the game! They can crush and kill just about any swords men, except for the very elite ones, you don’t want to mess with the Rohirrm! 

Trebuchet is the best catapult in the game; it can take down 2 Mordor catapults with flaming shots. It has the most health to. 


Lorien Warriors are medium to strong swordsmen; they have medium health and pretty high damage. 

Lorien Archers have changed a lot, they have a higher rate of fire and are very powerful, have increased health, and damage. 

Mithlond Sentries are the guards of the Grey Havens therefore I perceived them as being very skilled strong pike men. They have increased everything, very good pike men! 

Mirkwood Archers are the best archers in the game; they can fire nearly as long as a trebuchet! They can take down a battalion of Uruk-hai in under 7 secs! There health is a lot higher too! 

Rivendell lancers used to be a bit of a crap Elven cavalry unit. They needed changing, so that’s what I did, they have increased everything and are a strong match for spider riders! 

Ents in BFME were so good! They could trample over pike men without dieing in seconds! They now are alike to the BFME ones! They cost more but are a lot stronger, vulnerability to fire has been increased also. 


Guardians are the match for the Uruk-hai, they are better than any other good swordsmen; they are a very dangerous match on the battlefield! The charge ability is a lot better now along with damage and health. 

Axe Throwers range has been increased and are very, very powerful, with forged blades one axe can kill and Orc! Health has been increased too. 

Phalanxes haven’t really been changed, just been improved a ‘lil. 

Battle Wagon no changes 

Men of Dale are the only long range proper archers in the Dwarven faction therefore I made them stronger and increased there range. 

Demolisher, is the strongest siege unit, can take a quarter off the health of a fortress in one hit, and when deployed is virtually invulnerable. 

Catapult, range increased as well as damage and health, nearly equal to trebuchet. 


Uruk-hai are seen as stronger than men in film, a lot stronger so now they are very powerful and, with the right tactics, can break the way through most other swordsmen. Health, damage all increased! 

Crossbows now inflict a ton of damage! They have increased range and improved health also. 

Uruk berserker, health increased. 

Pike men are equal to the phalanxes I think, not sure, you’ll find out soon enough. They can bring down most cavalry with ease. 

Wild men have a health increase and are very powerful with flaming torches. 

Warg Rider’s have very high crush damage, there Warg howl has been made a bit better also. 


Ballista range has been increased and health. 


Orcs are weak, but strong in large numbers, they can be made in less than 10seconds. 

Orc archers are strong in large numbers and with fire arrows, good for rushing. 

Soldiers of Rhun are extremely good! They are seen as strong, stout, powerful forces in the film so I thought they need to be made extremely good, so I did, stronger than most pike man units. Increased health and damage. 

Haradrim Archers are very strong, they have a real high damage with barbed arrows, and they can kill most things with them. Health and normal damage has been increased a tad. 

Corsairs, higher fire bomb damage. 

Mountain troll, damage very high, when they swing with a tree they can kill instantly. Health increased a little. 

Drummer troll, bit more health and damage, a bit more useful on the battle field than previously. 

Attack troll is even power fuller than before, send one in first to wreak havoc! They have higher armour, damage and health. (Mordor was in need of some strong units). 

Mumakill have been made so much better, more resistance to fire and pikes and health increased too. 

Catapult range increase 

Siege tower has more armour and health. 


Goblin swordsmen are the weakest swordsmen in the game however they do have strong poison blades which can change things. 

Goblin archers are strong in numbers, otherwise they are quite weak. Poison arrows are very good though. 

Spiderlings are strong and have good health, are a match for most things, increased health and damage. Good cheap early unit. 

Spider riders are good for crushing and have better health and damage with bows and sword. Range increased too. 

Half trolls are the best pike men unit in the game! They can take on just about any cavalry and win, and kill most any other units. High health increase as well as damage. 

Cave troll, damage increase alike to Mordor Mountain troll. 

Mountain Giant is the best troll/giant/ent/ etc. in the game, its stomp ability is really good now, and damage is increased too. 


I will let you explore the edited powers and weapons etc for your self. A little surprise. If you have had my other mod you will no that heroes are now officially “cool”. Hehe! CAH has also been changed a little too. Gandalf’s new power rocks! 

General changes- 

Fortress health too 10000 price to 7500 

Wall health has been increased 

And others I really cannot remember after all this righting! 

Instillation is in there and all that sort of stuff etc! 

Enjoy my mod, leave comments and rate! 


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