Gladiator Servants of Darkness 4 Players

Gladiator Servants of Darkness VERSION 2!

All changes and fixes in Version 2 will be the same in Single player version and 6 player versi...


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Gladiator Servants of Darkness VERSION 2!

All changes and fixes in Version 2 will be the same in Single player version and 6 player version.

Here are some ofthe major glitches, inbalances and changes that are fixed/made:

1. More Str.files for heroes deaths, the map will now tell you when one of your allies or your hero has died. 2. Witch-King error fixed, ( where if only Witch-King is left you will lose.) 3. Wave 2, Str.files fixed, the "missing" timer for Haldir's army and Gloin's Army 4. MOS armor mounted changed, +10% more armor for pikes, (65% from 75%) -6% slash Armor ( 25 from 19 ) Hero Archer Damage Armor +20% ( 50% from 70%, *damage from Legolas and Thranduil’s damage.* ) 5. Vergoth Speed 55 from 50, Vergoth weapon improved towards enemy heroes. Vergoth's Fire Staff of Farlack Improved, damage radius 125 from 100, damage to enemy heroes improved. 6. Wave 9 Balrog chance increased, you should see a natural Balrog more often, killing you and or the elven scum! 7. wave 1, the music from intro suddenly stopped. I fixed it, keeps going for a while then fades in softly the normal music. 8. MOS Fireball name, ( it was "Tornado" ) 9. Mos health 4000 from 3500. 10. Witch-King's Firesword damage radius improved, ( 20 from 10 ) 11. wave 15, the intro with the camera going down the waterfall then looking at Celeborn and Galadriel made mega lag because of the camera position, the camera animation is fixed so lag should be greatly reduced during the duration of that seen. 12. Mos's "Hostile Dissent" Word of power no longer will make dissent on enemy heroes. ( galadriel and celeborn wont fight eacher anymore lol ) 13. Made Aragorn weaker, less health, hit damage and runing speed. 14. Galadriel and Celeborn's Leaderships only effect other heroes ( themselves) and no one else, this will reduse the lag in wave 15. 15. Str.file fixed for wave 12-13. 16. Ugluk's "Mighty Rage of Uglùk" That heals allies, has now a heal radius of 200 from 100, 20 seconds added to timer. ( 140 secs from 120 ) 17. Vergoths Magic Strike changed, Timer is now 50 secs from 60, does more damage to heroes.

After the Third Age, the six Servants Of Darkness where brought back to life with the forged Rings Of Darkness, with immense power, they raised, waging Wars in Middle-Earth. Then when all light was faded, the Elves forged three Rings of Light to enslaved the Servants Of Darkness to a Gladiator Battle for utter dominance.

The Servants Of Darkness must battle through 14 waves of enemy infestations, then defeat the Galadriel and Celeborn.

This map has a large INI.file that creates and rebuilds new heroes with bran new abilities such as: Mouth of Sauron Fireball Lord, you can spawn a fireball that is under your control, or how about the Hammer Of Gorzak, use Gorzak’s Mighty War Hammer to cause a devastating shockwave of an earthquake. There are a total of 30 new abilities for you to use against 15 action packed waves of enemies.

There will be 3 Versions of this map, first is 3 Humans vs. 1 Computer, the humans share 2 heroes each.

The second version is 6 Humans vs. 1 Computer, each human will have 1 hero each.

The third version is single player, where you control all 6 heroes at once.

I will post the other two version soon.

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