Gladiator Underworld Return of Morgoth

Rebuilt Super Heros, Gandalf, Aragorn, Gimli, Legolas, Haldir, And Elrond all must face 15 waves of enemies, then go on to fighting Morgoth...


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Rebuilt Super Heros, Gandalf, Aragorn, Gimli, Legolas, Haldir, And Elrond all must face 15 waves of enemies, then go on to fighting Morgoth is his two powerful Balrogs.

Changes: 1. A New Morgoth hero, who he really was. Link 2. Fixes most glitches in win/lose scripts. 3. 3 human players rather 6, this will make Out Of Synch 75% less, and make lag 50% less. 4. out of synch error in ini.file. 5. second black balrog: less armor and health but more smart then the first balrog. (Also did first balrog) 6. balance waves make it hard on some parts and easier on others. 8. give dragon less health, make main weapon more powerful, slow dragon down 10%. 9. replace several waves to make better gameplay. 10. Balence The 6 Heros, gandalf, aragorn, gimli, elrond, legolas, and haldir. *** 13. Rebuild the mode chooser, make it easier to choose custom hero mode with any amount of people. ***

This map is two gladiators in one, your own custom heros vs toned down waves of enemies, or rebuilt powerful heroes Vs thousands of enemies.

Mission Mode: Use The 6 Great Powerful Rebuilt Heroes: Gandalf, Aragorn, Legolas, Haldir, Gimli And Elrond Against 15 Waves Of Attacks Then Go On To Slaying the two Balrogs and Morgoth.

Hero Mode: Use your Own Custom Heroes Against 15 Waves Of Attacks, Then Go on to Fighting The Mighty Balrog.

Morgoth And The Second Balrog Are Taken Out Of Hero Mode.

OUT OF SYNCH NOTE Out of Synch is caused by players having different ini.files, ini.files are the part of the game that makes units have there abilities, attack and armor the images, everything in the game that needs to be put in place. the ini.file puts it there.

It goes out of synch because 2 or more players don’t match each others ini.files, how is this? By playing a game like ringwars, or even this map gladaitor underworld, or any map that changes and has a ini.file, then playing other maps with people that don't match your ini.file.

How do you fix it? You must restart your bfme2 game, anyone that has a bad ini.file, and if you don’t restart Every game you play will be at risk of going out of synch unless the person(s) your playing with has the same changed ini.file as you do

so in summary, after playing this map and then you want to play another map you must restart your bfme2 game or else it There is a High Risk of it going out of synch and ending the game.

If you have clean ini.file but others don't that join your game, ask them questions like what maps did you play before this? Or Did you go out of synch last game? if they say none, or just a few normal maps, then they are clean, and kick the ones that aren’t clean.

How to Install A map into bfme2:

You unzip it first, and you will get the Map folder,

then you open up windows explore or my computer.

then in the top address bar near the top of the window, copy and paste or Type in C:\Documents and Settings\**Username**\Application Data\My Battle for Middle-earth(tm) II Files\Maps

**Username** is what ever your computer is named** Or if you can't get to it that way, try this

1.just go to drive c. 2.then Documents and Settings then 3.there should be your computer names or your name if you have it right, 4. then application data 5. then My Battle for Middle-earth(tm) II Files 6. Maps 7. Then drag and drop your map folder(this map) that you unzipped into the folder "Maps" in "My Battle for Middle-earth(tm) II Files" Folder

This is the default place where bfme2 installs itself, if you installed it somewhere else you will have to find it, most likely in Application data

for some computers the application data is hidden.

To unhide it you must use search tool or use the

C:\Documents and Settings\*username*\Application Data\My Battle for Middle-earth(tm) II Files\Maps in the address bar, then add that location to your favorites list/bookmarks then next time you need to get into application data it will unhide it.

If you use search tool which is in start button, search.

In search type in " maps " or " My Battle for Middle-earth(tm) II Files "

After you find it click on it go into it, then on top of the search bar you will see the address bar, this you copy and paste into widows explore.

It should then go right into your bfme2 maps.

I strongly suggest that you add the "My Battle for Middle-earth(tm) II Files" To Favorites, links or bookmarks so that you can find it later on...

Also it seem No One rates maps anymore. Can someone please! Rate this map, if you play it, you should come back and rate it


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