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RANT: Hi everyone! I am back once again to bring to you yet another map. But this time it won't be a map like my others. It is my first tru...


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RANT: Hi everyone! I am back once again to bring to you yet another map. But this time it won't be a map like my others. It is my first true Arena map. I have made many skirmish maps, but never have I made a map like this. So let me get to the point. I decided I would make a map that would be different then any of my other ones. A map that would implore different techniques and skills. Rather than spending most of my time on looks and balance, I spent most of my time on really bringing this map to life. I know what you are thinking. "no balance" , well that is not so. This map does not require a balance of players but rather the balance of victory or defeat. This map took over 24 hours (not at once ) for completion. Personally I think it was worth every minute. But really that is up to you to decide. So without further words I present to you "Guldur Arena"

STORY: Here upon this hill of Guldur, behind the walls of this mighty fortress, hidden in the fears of those who once walked upon it's ground, lies an arena, built from the very blood of those who's lives it has taken. It was in itself a sin of existence. It had no true meaning just as the very fortress for which it was built within. It was lined with great walls that looked as if they had challenged all the elements and yet still stand strong. At both ends of the walls great castles lined the walkway below, still burnished with the same look as the walls that surrounded them. The arena pit itself at first glance is little more than stone and rock. But with a closer inspection it is realized that the arena floor is littered with the bodies of fallen warriors whose dying screams can still be heard in the cold dark wind. The pit was surrounded on all sides with walls of stone, but at the far end a Mighty gate of iron and steel still commanding the same forgotten look of its surrounding. The entire Arena seemed to be a shadow of the past, lost to the memories of old.

But it would be here. In this ancient arena where the fate of Middle Earth would be decided. For a great darkness looms behind these walls and it is this darkness that has invited all who are worthy to challenge it's might. For the arena has once again been opened and Battle for Middle Earth is about to begin. The only question left to answer is are you willing to take on the Host of Dol Guldur.

IMPORTANT FACTS ALL READ: This is a 7 player Arena Map based in dol guldur. The map itself is 8 player but one player is needed to fill in for the AI of the arena. This map is a create a hero arena. Whatever hero you choose in the lobby screen you will get in game, no more no less. Read carefully because this part is important.

The map picture itself will show up as a question. This is suppose to happen. On the question picture you will 7 starting positions on the right side and one on the top left. In the top left spot place a brutal AI on team 2. THIS AI PLAYER MUST BE EVIL FACTION. On the top right side (human or aI allowed) THIS PLAYER MUST BE GOOD FACTION. This player as well as all of the other players excluding the left starting player must be team 1. (there faction type does not matter). The map should at all times be played with the full amount of players. 9wether played online or off). If you are playing online and do not have enough human players, substitute them in with brutal AI players. Also when choosing your create a hero, choose wisely. It may decide your fate before the game even begins. Always make sure a ranged hero is chosen. This is critical for completion of the map. The map will play like other arena maps at first. It is fully scripted and narrated it also carries a small story and other cool odds and ends. It is professionally done. Meaning nothing you should see or hear will be sawn or heard. I can't promise you will like this map, But if there is one thing I can promise it is that. It may start like a normal arena map, but it won't end like one. I hope you all have as much fun playing the map as I did making it.

thank you all!

Sincerely, Steve Campen (High Elven Lord)

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