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Well another great and new Hero improvement mod which improves heroes to make them more useful and better in the game! This mod can be playe...


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Well another great and new Hero improvement mod which improves heroes to make them more useful and better in the game! This mod can be played on the new and latest BFME2 patch, patch 1.06!

Well this mod edits, powers, timers, damage, health, etc! This mod really puts the fun back in to heros!


Well i have only partially edited CAH because it is very hard to edit but there are some improvements on it! I edited loads of timers and set them to a fair amount...some before were way to high for the power. Wizards powers are improved greatly..wizards blasts can actually kill a horde of easterlings/towerguards!


This is the area in which i have spent the most time on (about a month) working on the powers Fx's, and damage incresases and health etc! Here is what i have done:


Increased Health & Damage..i mean he is the King of rohan! He needs to have more health than previously!


Increased damage and spear throw is a bit more powerful.


She slayed the witch king..give her some credit..she is alot better now! Worth the resources!


This is the guy i have made the most effort on..all his powers have been made more powerful, more interesting and alot more fun! Gandalf is of the istari order..he needs more than health..he is really an amazing hero now! Word of power and wizard blast are so cool now!


Increased health more powerful sword.


Aragorn was crap untill now...he has alot more health..alot powerfuller..blademaster power increased..eledil lasts longer! The King Of Gondor is half decent now!


Bow range increased, wound arrow better and sword damage and area increased!


Glorfindel is described in the book as being scary and now he can take on the nine nazgul..this guy is now magical! he ROKS!


Bow range increased he can really shoot far now lol, and his arrows knock back! Dead eye power stronger, he is now better than legolas..i mean he is his dad!


Damage, health and everything made a bit better he is now a worthy elven warrior.


Bow range increased and sword damage. His golden arrow is really cool now!


Bow range, damage and health increased and his arrows knock back like his dad before him!


Health increased..still a bit of a crap hero..but that cant be helped...much.


wow...this hero roks now! health increased and damgae..he now smacks the enemy right back to timbuucktoo! hehe!


All his powers have been made better and they are really cool..especially the leap!


Smash ability is really fun now and takes on more enimeis than it did! Weapon made so fair, but powerful!


I made this dwarf strong and stout and is very strong! Health increased too!


As head of the istari order this hero needed improveing! he can knock enimies flying and all his attacking powers have been made alot better! his helath has been upped alot too!


He is alot better now with added health and damgae and bow range also..carnage improved also!


Health and damgage improved alot! he was a real crap hero that died in seconds now he is strong and powerful!


not much changed..althoguh whenever he attacks he inflicts poison..which is cool! health incrased a tiny bit!


Health and damaged increased!

The Witch King of Angamar-

Wow this hero is good...damage verthing increased...he is nearly as powerful as sauron in the moview so i though i would do him justice!

Mouth of Sauron-

The lt. of the dark tower jsut got better..he knocks back enimies, his red eye is alot more pwoerful now...can kill someheros in one shot!


Nothing i left them as they are mostly..slight damage increase and area increase.

Goblin King-

Health, area damge and poisn stinger made better and cooler!


I made this hero alot better as he is a dragon..and i mean well..dragons rok!!! lol! Fire ball, fireflight, incineraitealot better! Heal increased alot too!


Poinsin stinger made alot better..and damge a bit beter!


Health uped to 15000 and damge alot better! she knocks the enimies flying..she is a really good ring hero now!


Health upped to 25000..and he knocks the enimies flying..so much better..he is very..very valuble on the battle field! he roks!!!


Health upped to 7500...if you have seen the movies the eagles thrash the fellbeastss so eagles are made better!

The Balrog-

All powers made better! Health upped to 15,000 he used to be killed by a few mirkwood battlaions! The balrog now lives up to him in the films!


Damage and health increased!

I have also made some changes to the cavalry and mumakill and just a few genral changes to spells and stuff nothing extreme!

Well i hope you like it!

Please comment!

Thanks Simon!

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