Legends Part 3



of darkness, to restore the sanctity of the old and ensure peace to the lands of good.Play solo or with friends online using three Create-A-Heroes plus three completely new heroes that will join you as your journey progresses. Complete the side quests you are given to obtain valuable experience and loot, which you can later spend at the shops to buy powerful magical items.Face enemies you have never seen before and explore a completely new universe, far from the tales of middle earth.Features:- Play solo and control all heroes, or up to three players coop for the best adventuring experience.- Classic RPG elements: Experience the feel of the old classics while enjoying the epicness that only bfme2 can provide!- Completely revamped CaH abilities: Pretty much all abilities and spells have been changed to make them all useful. While some abilities have been made stronger (Axethrow, Shield Bash, Lightblast, Arrow Storm, etc.) some others are not as overpowered as before (Whirlwind, Coerce/convert, the Heal glitch, etc.)- 8 Boss fights that will take the most of your combat skill- Item shops!- Play the full version or beat each part separately (more suited for online play)- No mods! This map can be played online like any other with no need for additional downloads (Read Notes for Multiplayer below)Please remember to read the map instructions before you play.


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