---A Brief History:

The Meleltarma, meaning pillar of heaven, was the mountain on the Island of Numenor where the faithful worshiped Ill...


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---A Brief History:

The Meleltarma, meaning pillar of heaven, was the mountain on the Island of Numenor where the faithful worshiped Illuvatar, the creator. It was unroofed and open to the sky. No other temple existed on the island. Around the base of the mountain were the tombs of the kings, who built elaborate tombs because they feared death. The White Tree, Nimloth, of whom the White Tree of Gondor was but a sapling, was planting in the court of the king.

---Comments on the Map:

Well this was my first map to actually try. It was a long and grueling experience I must say. I had to learn a lot of things about worldbuilder. (nice program, by-the-way, once you get the hang of it. I made this map for the contest at Middle Earth Vault.

Anyway the Meneltarma itself is the obvious mountain in the center of the map. A signal flair and a forest on top seemed nice. Zoom in a little and hear the sounds on top. Free space on the map is somewhat of a commodity, so there are three outposts on the map. The player that controls these will control the game. I would also like to point out the bridge across the bay. Not very practical but it is pretty cool looking. And for some reason that bridge doesn’t cast a reflection... Odd, but I couldn't do anything with it.

The Meneltarma is not taintable as the the Meneltarma was NEVER desecrated, even when Sauron himself held most of the power over the land in later years. Nimloth, the white tree is, as Sauron eventually ordered it burnt, but not before Isildur saved a sapling of it. (Isildur has a bad reputation from the whole ring business but he actually did some great deeds before that...)

Command points start a bit higher than normal because of the space limitations.

Be warned. A ship in this map might actually be a viable option. The computer beat me on brutal when he suddenly pulled an Elvish warship out of nowhere and parked it in a key location. Just keep it in mind, at least.

Oh yes. There are two little statue things one on each side of town. One is Morgoth battling Fingolfin (those who have read the Silmarillion will know what I am talking about) and the other is supposed to be Luthien telling her story to Mandos prior to Beren's release from the Hall's of Mandos (another Silmarillion thing)


Speaking of the Silmarillion I must now give a few disclaimers to the Tolkien Purists who will no doubt destroy my map for it's Inaccuracies. :O) That being said I am somewhat of a Purist so I DO know where I fudged...

The city you are looking at is Romenna on the Eastern shore of Numenor. YES. I know that Nimloth was actually planted in Armenlos. However for my map I combined Armenlos and Romenna.

For a statue of Morgoth like that to be standing I suppose that this would have to be early in Numenors history before their fall.

You know I had thought of several other things wrong my map but I can't come up with any right now. Darn.

---Final Words:

I hope you like the map. If not, I'm sorry and I'll try to do better last time. The map IS better against another human as the AI is not so great in narrow areas. Also occasionally the path-finding isn't so swift so if your units do strange things trying to find their way across the map it really isn't my fault.

So once again have fun. I'd appreciate any feedback you have, if you find a bug, can think of an improvement etc.

My email address is

That being said my readme is over. Go play the Map!


Map created by: The One Kane (Michael Kane)

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