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Ranger Mod 1.0 - by Tom8778

You need to play Patch 1.04 A clean unmodded version of bfme2

Installation Move the "rangermod.big" into "C:\Documents and Settings\*your username*\Application Data\My Battle for Middle-earth(tm) II Files" (might be hidden).

Run the shortcut.

If you installed in a diferent place to "C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\The Battle for Middle-earth (tm) II" You will need to open propeties and edit the target box to where you installed bfme2.

Current Changes

1) Mirkwood Elves - Equipped with Arrow Volley. - Arrow Volley has Silverthorn Arrow effect when the upgrade has been purchased. - Removed Long shot and fire arrow upgrade

2) Ithilian Rangers - New Skin - Arrow Volley now sets things on fire and has fire hit effect when the rangers are upgraded with fire arrows.

3) Dunedain (spell and inn) - New Skin - Added Weapon Toggle - Added High Lineage Passive Ability - 50% Armor increase 80% resistance fear for Dunedain and surrounding Allies - Removed Long shot and fire arrow upgrade (For balance) - Increased weapon damage

4) Faramir - New Skin

5) New Heros - Damrod Toggle Weapon Summon Ithilian Allies Leadership Wounding Arrow - Madril toggle weapon Arrow Volley Train Archers Leadership Defender of Osgiliath

- Strider Toggle Weapon Hawk Eye Wild Walk Move Unseen Elven Cloak

- Halbarad Toggle Weapon Train Allies Leadership Summon Dunedain

6) New building -Ranger Tent

Changes to Come New powers and effects for heros, balencing, perhaps some new units or heros, new artwork maybe more!

Credits Tom8778 - Everything but below HolyMouse - Ranger toggle weapon & Dundain Ranger leadership

Other Thanks for downloading, if you find any bugs, or run into any problems feel free to email me tom8778@msn.com

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Download 'ranger_mod_v1.0.zip' (2.42MB)

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