RC Mod Early Basic Version



You must download this installer file if you have not already got the RC Mod on your computer. This file is essential as the next file to be posted will be the patcher for the latest 1.1 patch. If you do not download the 1.1 patch update then you will be playing it in it's early forms.

Please note that this file is an .exe file so make sure your computer lets you download it or change settings to allow your computer to download this file.

You can download the updater here



Version 0.06 – December 31, 2008

Inn Units HAVE been fixed.

Pleasing has been temporarily KEPT...

-Ridder Clan-
Library Changed
Wizard Summon Power still does not work, will be fixed in next release!

-Woman Warrior Has been ADDED!
-Princess Geel has been added as a 'system' CAH

-Bridges Of Fresoan
-Bridges Of Fresoan (Low)
-Ruined Lands ->Improved/Changed

Christmas Background! <-Same as V0.05!
Version 0.05 – December 25, 2008

Pleasing has been temporarily added

-Ridder Clan-
Wizard Summon Power does not work, will be fixed in another release!
Ridder Mage has 2 new powers, Elemental Strike, Dragon Strike.
New Tech Icons
New Techs ~ Mystic Spellbook & Master Spellbooks
Wizards have been changed ~ Spells & Appearance

-rc fornost

Christmas Background!
Version 0.04 – December 1, 2008

Camp added
Inn units added

-Ridder Clan-
Improved Gears Tech added
New Tech Icons
Hero Times and Costs changed

Rohan Background!
Version 0.03 – October 31, 2008

Rohan Warriors added
Porter Changed

Warg horde bug fix

-Ridder Clan

Halloween Background!
Version 0.02 – October 25, 2008

Gamling added
Changed Archers and Peasants
Goldenhall fixed
Arrow Tower Expansion added
Rohan structures vision increased
Goldenhall Flaming munitions added

Hellbeast fixed
Warg Horde locomoter changed

-All Factions can be played online
Version 0.01 – October 19, 2008

-rc cair andros
-rc celduin
-rc elven plains
-rc helms deep
-rc isengard outlands
-rc quelandon
-rc ruined lands
-rc snowy mountains
-rc wolven plains

!Rohan and Beasts' AI work only on RC maps!

Ridder Geel	Mod Leader 
Ridder Blauw	Acosa Faction & Mapper 
Nieksa		Hithaeglir Faction & Modeler & Mapper 
rutger		Ideas/Brainstormer 
Lurtz101	Beasts Faction & Coder 
Brabox		Mapper 
LinkFan		Ideas/Brainstormer & Mapper

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