Replay: 1v1 mordor v isengard

kestermordor_vs_bigpaybacc771isen.zip —


One Ring: No Player 1's Name: Kester (Catos) Player 1's Faction: Mordor Player 2's Name: bigpaybacc771 Player 2's Faction: Isengard Victor: Kester (Catos)

A tournament game against a guy ranked a lot higher The map was Forlindon, which proved to be too far to spam orcs... or actually, beat me to it with his warg riders and uruk-hai. He had an early failed attempt of sending orcs over on a troop carrier, and eventually a battle ship which sat just off his shore for a while as his buildings were all built back too far from the shore for it to attack (it came in useful later though). He quickly upgraded his units while I was building troops to fend off his attacks. Watch how the game turned around. ;-)


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