Replay: DivA|InTriNsic` vs. KyRaN|DiA^, Isengard vs. Goblins

Map: Fords of Isen 2

DivA|InTriNsic' vs KyRaN|DiA^

Game Summary: A very good game between both sides. Both sides played we...


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Map: Fords of Isen 2

DivA|InTriNsic' vs KyRaN|DiA^

Game Summary: A very good game between both sides. Both sides played well and had very little mistakes. The match was very even, and you did not know who was going to win until the end. A must watch in my opinion.


BO: Furn Furn --> Warg Pit PP: Crebain --> Wild Men Initial Strats: Warg spam --> Xbows/uruks --> Lurtz --> Upgrades --> Saruman


- Very good micro. - Very good base defence. - Very good economy. - Used heros very well. - Great power point usage.


- Didn't harass enough in the beggening. - Bad cash floating.(completely understandable though)

Player Summary: Overall you played very well. You had a very nice base defence and microed units very well. You had a massive economy going that let you get tons of upgrades/defences/units. You used power points very nicely, as you destroyed his entire base with one dragon strike. You aslo suprised me with the "fuel the fires" power point, but it later really buffed your economy with many lumber mills.You also used uruk soldiers/ pikemen as a big advantage over the non-upgraded spider riders and half trolls .You should've harassed a little more in the beggening, even though he had goblins in the tunnels. You still could've destroyed the tunnel and ran away. You also had bad cash floating, but its completely understandable since you had an amazing economy and were always microing.

Micro:8/10 Skill:7/10 Overall:8/10


BO: Tunnel --> Cave Cave PP: Bats --> Spiderling summon. Initial Strats: Goblin spam --> Spiderlings --> Spider riders --> Half trolls


- Very nice spam of units. - Good micro until the end. - Nice expansion, the whole map was yours at some points. - Good job of using spiderlings to force wargs to stand and fight. - Very good use of power points. You killed many units/buildings with them.


- Should've gotten upgrades for half trolls. Then you would've been unstoppable. - Should've gotten drogoth, their army would've been screwed. - Lacked micro towards the end of the game.

Player Summary: Overall you played pretty well. Your spam of units was amazing, as you could completely change the tide of the game in an instant. Good micro for the most part, you got kind of lazy with your spider riders. Sometimes they were fighting pikes 1 on 1 . You had some good expansion too, you dominated the map until the end. Good job using the spiderlings, they really made Intristic lose a lot of wargs. However, you still lost eventually, because your spam eventually lost its effect. If you had gotten upgrades or drogoth, you could've easily won the game in my opinion.

Micro: 7/10 Skill: 7/10 Overall: 7/10

DivA|InTriNsic': 8/10

KyRaN|DiA^: 7/10

Overall: 8/10

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