Replay: DivA| vs DOTR, Dwarves vs Isen

DivA|HoRiZoN` Vs. DOTR|great7

Dwarves Vs Isengard

Map: Fords of Isen II

Version: 1.04

Game Summary: This was a...


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DivA|HoRiZoN` Vs. DOTR|great7

Dwarves Vs Isengard

Map: Fords of Isen II

Version: 1.04

Game Summary: This was a great game imho lots of action and very few pauses everything was included in this game seige, walls, upgrades etc. This game started with DivA|HoRiZoN` going with the standard guardian rush but DOTR|great7 with some great warg micro was easily able to stop it. DivA|HoRiZoN` quickly built pikes to counter wargs and sent a few bats of them into his camp however DOTR|great7 was one step a head by already haveing uruk-hai waiting for them meanwhile as he chased of the pikes DOTR|great7 went harassing on his own with his wargs he was able to destroy a few mines. Next DivA|HoRiZoN` got mass pikes about 4 or 5 bats of them and tried to take down his camp again however he was once again defeated and meanwhile the wargs destroy his mines. After that DivA|HoRiZoN` tried several times to build a Forge Works but the wargs destroyed them every time b4 he could get any thing out. Once he finally did get one up without it being destroyed he spammed Battlewagons and pikes and tried a several more times to take down DOTR|great7's fort but failed every time. Now DOTR|great7 built wall hubs all around his camp to prevent attacks from units and soon expanded them out into walls this delayed DivA|HoRiZoN`'s attacks untill he finally got some seige. Soon and with the help of Earthquake he was able to defeat DOTR|great7.



Bo: Mine - HoW - Fw Mine PP: Rc - Dwarven Riches - Cloud Break - Earthquake

Pros: Good use of stances Good harrassment Got pikes to counter wargs Good expansion Good overall unit micro

Cons: Cashfloating Waited to long to build Forge Works

Player Summary: You played great did everything you could and in the end out played your opponet. You had basically no real mistakes besides waiting a bit to long for forge works and some minor cashfloat and i think that they are self explianatory mistake. Overall you did great Ratings Entertainment: 7 Skill: 7



Bo: Furnace x2 - Warg pit - wargs PP: Crebain - wildmen - Industry

Pros: good use of stances Good harrassment Good warg micro Got uruk-hai pit up after itial wargs were out

Cons: Major Cashfloat

Player summary: You played great as well and in the end barley out played. Nery few mistakes and overall played a great game and keep up the good work. Ratings Entertainment: 7 Skill: 7

Final Ratings: Entertainment: 7 skill: 7

Final: 7 rotw contender Promotted to silver

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