Replay: PoW Mordor v [BIN]KuhFan Dwarves

PoW|NiTrO(random/mordor) vs. KuhFan(random/dwarves)

Fords of Isen II

PoW|NiTrO, mordor

initial BO - SH, pit, pit, SH stra...


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PoW|NiTrO(random/mordor) vs. [Bin]KuhFan(random/dwarves)

Fords of Isen II

PoW|NiTrO, mordor

initial BO - SH, pit, pit, SH strats - orc rush ---> scouting for HoW's and hiding pits PP - Eye

~ PROS ~

+ got orcs out fast + good BO + good micro + good use of stances + good PP use/selection

~ CONS ~

- early buildings 2 close together, guardians killed them fast. - lost both your builders - didnt scout for forward mine early game. - some of your pits were in easily found spots

player summary - nicely done, very well played game. overall you did much more good things than bad things, which resulted in a win for you even in this pretty bad matchup. but in later games i would space out your buildings a little more, just to prevent units from killing them too fast. you might also want to protect your builders better, keep them moving dont just leave them in one place too long. another thing you should do is take the time to look for a forward mine early game in random mirrors, you never know if they are gonna be dwarves it could be the difference between a win and a loss. nothiing extensive, just check some commenly used spots. another suggestion would be to find some more original/better spots to hide some of your pits, a few were in good spots a few in bad. again, well done.

player rating - 6/10, good job

[Bin]KuhFan, dwarves

initial BO - HoW, Mine ---> forward mine strats - guardian rush ----> scouting and hiding buildings PP - Rally Call

~ PROS ~

+ good micro + good use of stances + good PP use/selection + pretty good scouting + good use of guardian charge

~ CONS ~

- left some builders exposed, but luckily didnt lose them - ran out of money - left your non-defending gaurdian bat idle when defending HoW - should have used your builders to scout late game, u had no use for them. - took too long to get your forward mine up, he already had orcs in your base when u had guardians in his.

player summary - just like nitro, i would say overall a pretty good played game. but your flaws were a bit more obvious than his, thus losing you the game. you should NEVER... EVER EVER not have enough money to make a mine if u only have one left. if it means not making any guardians, then so be it. you gotta always have enough money to make a mine or else you will run out, like in this game. and when you did run out of money, there was no use for your builders except to scout with them, which i recomend doing if theres nothing else left to do with them. another thing, if your defending something valuable (i.e. your last HoW), you definantly SHOULD put a lot of consentration on it, but you shouldnt leave units idle, especially if you are scouting with them. you should also work a teeny bit on getting your FM up a bit faster, speed is vital. but again, GJ.

player score - 4/10, OK/good job.

game summary - GG , pretty entertaining to watch. I suggest if you have a spare 15 mins, watch this. 2 forts going down at the same time, and some extensive scouting. but not boring scouting, ACTION scouting... if that exists. again, if your bored watch this. It's probably worth it, I enjoyed it.

game rating - 5/10, pretty entertaining.

Reviewed by tda

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