RotWK Replay - (Digz) Dwarves v Angmar Quick Match



I decided to try out RotWK again after playing BFME2 clanwars this month, the clan I joined got 9th place in Jan, so it's all good. I couldn't find a 1v1 so I thought I'd go for some quickmatch action. I was playing some guy who was Angmar and thought it would be a challenging game with me as Dwarves, as they have their own mix of units with the Thrall Master choices. He didn't make very good use of them or maybe it was me just placing mines everywhere and desotrying his mills early on with my forward mines.

I just went for it straight from the start and it paid off, he was defenceless with me giving him no time to relax, was a very one sided game with me just constantly attacking. The game ended when I got Dain and a mix of guardians, axe throwers and two battlewagons that ran over his archers, a really short but sweet game.

This is a perfect replay on how to use mines effectively, if you see him destroying one of your mines, build another close and another to make him think he's completely boxed in, if you watch he really is and had no chance after my first mine went down.



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