RotWK Replay -(Digz) Isen+(Gerimino) Gobs v Isen+Mordor



Another 2v2 game with me and Gerim, it was a good game, with me being Isen and Gerim being gobs against mordor and Isen. I was against the Isen so I was expecting a really good wildmen spam but it never happend as the player went for uruks and quick Lurtz instead. I took out his furnaces pretty easily as my wildmen cost less and come out slightly faster and they rock against buildings. Gerim had a great early game with gobs trying to outspam mordor but it's tough when you have two spamming factions going against each other so I tried to put some pressure on the elves with a few battalions that I could spare to attack mordor whenever I could.

It was important that we took out Isen first as he wasn't doing so well against the spam of my wildmen and Gerim coming to help every so often, so all Gerim had to do was try and keep mordor at bay while he sent some units to Isens base and I sent all of mine to kill Isen. Isen went down pretty easily with slight resistance from Lurtz, after Isen had gone it was pretty straight forward taking out mordor.


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