South Anduin

Map Description:

The southern shores of the Anduin were a land frequently assaulted by haradrim and corsairs.

The lands east of the...


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Map Description:

The southern shores of the Anduin were a land frequently assaulted by haradrim and corsairs.

The lands east of the Anduin, belonging to South Ithilien, were guarded by the city on Emyn Arnen, home of the greatest stewards of Gondor during the early Third Age. Emyn Arnen resisted the Shadow during the War of the Ring and its numenorean walls served as stronghold against the Enemy for years.

The west lands were crossed by the Erui, a small but strategically placed affluent to the Anduin, that would be the last barrier between the Pelenor Fields and a possible land invasion in Belfalas. The only bridge in the Erui was greatly fortified to prevent the enemy to cross the river and reach Minas Tirith.

Gameplay Notes: - The map is divided in four quadrants, each with two player start points and an inn. This map was designed for 4 north vs 4 south players, but it perfectly could be played 4 west vs 4 east, or 2 vs 2 vs 2 vs 2. - The Bridge of the Erui and the city of Emyn Arnen can be captured by a player that captures their respective flags. The Bridge's one is by the outpost. The one of city is by the signal fire in the left peak of the mounts. To avoid too quick rushes to capture those strong points, there is a timer that prevents the capture until it expires. By the time the timer expires, the flag owner will be given the control of the buildings. - The Bridge has a numenorean wall, a gate, two numenorean towers, two statues, a well, and an outpost. Garrison the towers with archers and they will be very useful in protecting the gate. The wall and the towers are strong. You can repair the wall, but you cannot rebuild the towers once destroyed (only build over their rubble), so keep your towers repaired. - Emyn Arnen has a thin but resistant numenorean wall, two gates and two towers by the southern gate, and the signal fire and two outposts. The towers don't fire by themselves and must be garrisoned with up to 3 battalions each. The House of the Lord, in the northern peak, is in the highest ground. Siege weapons here can shoot long distances from the mounts to the lands that surrounds them. With the aid of other units that provide line of sight to the siege weapons, they can devastate entire bases from Emyn Arnen. - Corsair attacks are frequent in this area. Often, you will be notified Corsairs have been seen sailing up the river. In one minute, they will reach the southmost end of the river in the map. Then they will attack one of the quadrants (two players). Corsairs will come with two warships, one bombardship and one transport. If the transport reaches the shore, 6 battalions of corsairs will take land and assault the bases of the chosen quadrant. The arrival of the Corsairs will be announced by a horn blow. - To help in defending from the corsairs, each player starts with one dock under his/her control. - Quadrants at Northeast and Southwest are smaller than the ones at Northwest and Southeast. To compensate that, players in smaller quadrants have better access or defence to the strong points. - Surrounding each base, there is dead grass easy to be set on fire. You can use this offensively or defensively. - There are plenty of trees in the map for stealth units to be able to hide (elves, rangers, Thranduil). The leftmost and rightmost sides of the maps have forests that are attractive for a stealth army to approach the enemy bases unnoticed. But be careful. These forests may also be set on fire.

Technical Notes: - You can see the map texts in Spanish o French if you like. To do that, go to the map folder, delete map.str, and rename or to map.str. This will not cause any Out of Sync errors and will be totally compatible with other players having the map in other language online. - The map command points cap has been set to 1000.

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