The Battle for Middle Earth

This is a 1 vs 1 map. It is unlike most maps that you would see. The setting of the map is an unknown ancient battlefield in Middle Earth (t...


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This is a 1 vs 1 map. It is unlike most maps that you would see. The setting of the map is an unknown ancient battlefield in Middle Earth (the reason for this is I didn't want it to seem like any side owned the field I wanted that "it's anybody's fight" look.) You will start with an army based on the faction you choose. You will start with at least 2 of every unit from that faction as well as all heroes for that faction. The map will walk them all onto the screen in the beginning. This map was designed for big battles without any of the flaws like lag, and limiting forces. You will start with 3000 command points allowing you to build on the force you already have. But perhaps the maps biggest feature is the fact that the fighting will never truly die down because every so often you will gain another army. Now I know what you are thinking: this could make the map crowded and laggy, but actually that is not the case because the map is designed so that there will never be too many units on screen because each opposing army is faced at equally close distances making for continuous combat. Also keeping true to real life the heroes you start with cannot be revived beyond the create a hero. Another feature of the map is the fact that all units entering the battlefield rather than bunching up will walk into evenly placed formations. Finally the last and final feature of the map is sort of a burden and a help. Any time new units come to the field your units already upon the field will fall back to regroup wit them. This can be stopped by a simply giving the unit a new destination. But most likely if you are getting new units you probably won't be in any shape to keep your units on the frontlines anyway. Think of it as a kind of "you are going to die if you don't fall back anyway" feature, if you know what I mean. The map has 4 signal fires to keep the powers flying and in the very center lay three separate bridges of stone over what would seem to be endless pits. Ruins line the road and the outlying ground. The map is essentially symmetrical but is differed but noticeable landmarks. It is a dark dreary setting.

NOTE: This map can sometimes seem like an endless battle. This is not so; it is very possible to defeat your foe. The map is just designed to seem that way. Finally if you truly can't seem to gain or lose ground the map has an added final decision feature. If too much time passes you and your enemy will receive weapons that will definitively decide the game.

AI: This map is fully compatible with skirmish. It is actually designed for it. The AI will fight in a smart way and it should be a fun experience. They will attack right away and never let up.

Balance: The different armies may seem a little overpowered versus others but I did my best to balance all of them. If there are any unbalancing things that falls into the hands of EA. I can do nothing further.

Final Thoughts: Like always a big thanks to those who download and I hope you enjoy. This is my favorite map maybe you will find it likewise. All comments and questions are welcome.

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