The Carven Fortress



This fortress is believed to have been made by the men of numenor. It was forgotten as the last alliance fought to defeat Sauron. Now, thousands of years later, it shall see battle again.

The fort can be attacked by either water or land. The defender starts with three outposts in the bottom left corner, and a shipwright on the side of the bay. Attackers start with a shipwright each.

This is a 3 player map for Bfme2, it's a fortress map with 2 players outside and one on the inside. It's a vey fun map to play and i hope you enjoy it. Ai works but i advise to play online, Fortress maps are allways more fun against a human player.

Have fun




This map was made by eliec, I plan to make a second version. If you like this map I submit maps to battle for middle earth 2 heaven where you can download them for free.

The carven fortress is located on an island some distance off the northernmost coast of Arnor. The island has a large bay, overlooked by  the fortress itself.

There are 2 ways to attack, the gate (obviously), and the wall over the area of beach (*cough* bombardment ships *cough*). The defender starts with 3 outposts in the bottom lefthand corner. It is in the attackers interests to take them. Defender gets one shipwright (that can be captured) to defend their outposts.

Please report any problems to [email protected]

Have fun with the map :D !

place it in your C:/Documents and Settings/[USERNAME]/Application Data/My Battle for Middle-earth(tm) II/Maps

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