The Gates of Ered Luin

Welcome all!

Rant: It has been a long time since you have seen a map with my name upon it, perhaps so long that few of you even...


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Welcome all!

Rant: It has been a long time since you have seen a map with my name upon it, perhaps so long that few of you even remember who I am, but that is not important.

I come here today with my final creation, the last of my BFME 2 maps. It has been more than 3 years since I began and so it is time that I finish what I started so long ago. I never said my proper goodbyes and so I am here today to close the doors of time forever with one last map, one final creation and so without further words I present to you... The Gates of Ered Luin


It is designed after the Dwarven strongholds deep within the Blue Mountains. (Nogrod, Belegost)

This map is a three player fortress map.One player defends the fortress while the other two players attack it.

The fortress has two main gates and two secondary gates each positioned on two separate entrances, meaning that each entrance has two gates blocking the opposing team from the main hall.

There is also a side entrance that has two weak gates guarding it but is also blocked by a giant gate surrounded by rubble. This gate can not be opened as it is too old and smashed up. The defending player can choose to destroy the rubble and open the pass by simply clicking destroy gate or the defender can leave the rubble there which boasts extremely high health and is very hard for the attackers to break. It's up to them.

All of the gates on the map (including the broken gates and rubble) will alarm every player when they are broken through, by displaying a loud breaking noise specific to the size of the gate and by words signifying the area and type of gate destroyed. This is seen by all players and heard everywhere on the map.

The defending player starts with two outposts and a signal fire under their control as well as extra resources to make up for the limited space within the fortress.

There are however two other outposts and signal fires on the map as well as an Inn. They begin the game neutral.

The map is designed with the defending players fortress built into the mountain with two center entrances across a main bridge that leads to a split road that cuts down the center of the map.

On either side of the roads lie the attacking teams with plenty of room to build and plenty of creeps to kill as well as buildings to capture. At the bottom of the map where the split road exits the play area are various creeps and a sloped down walk way that cuts off and around the eastern side. Where as in the west lies the side entrance to the fortress.

The map will begin with an intro hinting on the state of the map you are about to play on, but not forcing you into any scenario what so ever, it is mostly for enjoyment.

The map has been textured, built and designed to the best of quality. It should seem right at home with the games original maps besides the slight style differences displayed.

The map also allows you to turn on Ring Heroes if you so choose. It will work the same as any of the original maps.

Lastly this map is indeed compatible with the original BFME 2 not just the expansion.

Sincerely, Steve Campen (High Elven Lord)

This is a 3 player map for Bfme2, it's a dwarven stronghold with 2 mayor doors with enough health, outside are 2 enemies that want to get inside. There is lots of detail in the map and everything is placed with care. This map works for both singleplayer as multiplayer, but for more fun you should play online or against a friend. I really enjoyed the map. I can really advise this one

Have fun


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