War Of Heores - The Balrogs Core

While the contest was going on i was working on this map, and after the contest was over I just wanted to take a break but now I just though...


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While the contest was going on i was working on this map, and after the contest was over I just wanted to take a break but now I just thought "hey what the hell, I’m just gonna send it in". What I mean with that, is that I did not test this map alot and I just made a little few changes and I have no idea what bugs this map may have but I just wanted to be over with this map.

DO NOT EVEN TRY TO PLAY ON SKIRMISH! You will not have a good time if you do the ai wont do anything.

Map info: the load screen description sucks on this map so u better read it here before playing. - in this map you can play in any mode and the main goal is the same as a normal SP & MP map (destroy the enemy buildings). - 1 player in each corner - each player gets 3 men builders - the builders can construct fallowing buildings: Goblin Cave (free), Men Archery Range (2000), Haradrim Palace (4000), Dwarven Barracks (6000), Spider Pit (8000), Elven Barracks (10.000), Men Stable (12.000), Uruk Pit (14.000), Isengard SiegeWorks (16.000), The Fissure (18.000), Dwarven ForgeWorks (20.000) and Troll Cage (22.000) - All structures starts on level 3 -Unit build cost/time has been changed. All units that can be builded on level 1 structures are free and the time it takes to build them is 3 seconds. All units that can be builded on level 2 structures costs 50 and takes 6 seconds to build. All units that can be builded from level 3 structures costs 100 and takes 9 seconds to build. - You start with 2 heroes and they are nazgûls. - The heroes you can build are: (in cost order) Lurtz, Mouth of Sauron, Haldir, Glóin, Aragorn, King Dain, Elrond, Glorkil, Saruman, Gandalf and Drogoth. - The colour you chose or got when you started a game will not show on the units, they will have their original colour because it looks cooler, on the mini-map you will still see the colours you got. - In a large point on the middle is a balrog symbol (balrog core) and if u stand there you will gain 1000 every 30 seconds. - Every 6 min that passes, balrogs will erupt from the balrog core surface and they belong to no one. - In the north, east, south and the west parts of the map are prisons with treasures with 10.000 but the unit u send to collect them will be sacrificed in the process. - in this map there are rules but you can break them ofcourse! I cant stop you from doing whatever you want but here are the fallowing rules are: Don’t move your builders outside the camps and try to build on the core. Don’t place beacons in the core and earn money without having to sacrifice units. Do not place beacons inside the prisons so u can trigger the wyrm attacks that will take place inside them. - This map has a ini.file and you will have to restart b4me2 to be able to play another map after you have played this one, or else the next game you play will go out of synch.

Tips from maker: Build a goblin cave first and I don’t advise you to build alot of them just because they are free because it will take up space and it wont really go faster to get units sense all goblin warriors gets builded on 3 sec. I advise you to obey the rules. move your troops to the core as fast as u can and take control of it. I advise u pick a custom hero with stealth ability incase another player controls the core then you can just sneak in with a stealth hero but prey that the enemy don't find you with eye of Sauron.

Things that I already know sucks: if a player really has a good control of the middle then he will surely win the game. The path finding can sometimes be a pain in the A*s! The fact that your units won’t wear the colour u got can be confusing if u are battling with the same kind of units. The AI sucks on this map so don’t even try.

Iam sure there will be alot of bugs on this map and path finding issues and i know i should not use "not testing it enough" as an excuse but thats the case but i really want your comments on specially the bugs if u find any so i can improve that for WoH - Balrogs Core v2. I was originally going to have all heroes on this map but then i thought that there would be nothing to do on the next version.

Hope you like my map

Alot of kisses and hugs to you all

I love you all (not really but i was trying to be nice)

Peter Öberg (SharbturBurzum)

More Awesome maps at WWW.IstariProductions.co.nr

Updated the 18th June: I have found out that it is possible that when u buy drogoth the game will go out of synch, this is not a 100% sure information but a friend of mine got out of synch 2 times and he always got it after he had bought drogoth. Sorry for this but I will make up for it in the next version and i would love to here some pointers that I need to improve or what i should add and what other heroes i should use and structures.

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