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Well ladies and gentlemen this is my third ( yes only the Third map I have EVER made) and maybe f...


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Well ladies and gentlemen this is my third ( yes only the Third map I have EVER made) and maybe final contribution to BFME2 community. I have worked on this map for about a month, and truthfully it is nowhere near completed the evil fortress doesn’t have all the details it might have and the middle is just a patch of grass however the numenorian fortress is totally completed. This is not "uncompleted out of laziness but of the fact that WORLDBUUILDER WOULDN”T LET ME ADD ANY MORE OBJECTS. That totally pisses me off to work so hard and prevented finishing by a stupid limit, it started erasing trees after like the 3300th object. I have put everything I have ever learned into this map. But anyways now I’ll discuss the map itself:

The concept was basic but it was obviously more than I could chew. I am running on an awesome computer so i didn't know how much i lagged (witch i am told is way to much) until i tested it online but so basically this maps functionality had been like reduced to zero. So i guess it's just kinda pretty not much of a battle map I’m sorry to say. I just major mistake of putting way to many objects and details in. If i get enough support I will gladly turn this into two maps one for each fortress

For starters you obviously have 2 huge (absolutely amazingly huge) fortresses, on a map that is so huge it’s not even funny I think it’s like 600x600 (pic 1) but anyways each fortress has it’s strong and weak points.

The good fortress: Defending this may be a little more difficult than the other fort, archers can’t usually get at all of the attackers due to the fact that the gates are so big. To counter this i placed just two gates and made all of the walls invincible, plus I only placed 2 bridges outside to cross the river which may be more easily defended. As well, were the enemy to break into the fort there is only one set of stairs that lead to the high fort and inner walls.(pic 2) (by the way this side of the river represents the absolute best detail that i can pull off) This fort is how i wanted the entire map to look, i only wish i could have...

The middle land: This is the part im angry about, there is no decoration and no texture variances, the file must have gotten to big or something but there is absolutely nothing I can do about this if there was believe me I would have.(actually i probably could have textured it but it wouldn't have been much good without any objects at all) I might add there are Two starting points for players 3 and 4 to make the game more interesting but again these extra players may bee uneeded and i could edit them out if it would play better. However plenty of room for farms is present lol.

The Evil Fortress (pic 3): Finally, the last of the lands. This fort is the ultimate in defense, when a catapult is placed in one of the defensive towers on the 2nd tier it can reach way beyond the outer wall. And even on the third tier it can still reach. But there is many more gates in this fort all easily destroyed. 3 on the first two tiers and one on the last. ( if you do get pushed that far back however there isn’t enough room to make money so unless you got some saved up your screwed)

And as I mentioned this may be my last map for a while. I will still comment on others people map and stay in touch with the community but after making this I’m tired of it...


(by the way this doesn’t work in singleplayer at all not enough object space to put templates)

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