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Published by Digz 14 years ago , last updated 3 years ago
A new hosted site for Lotrfiles has been born! As part of the campaign to make Lotrfiles bigger and better I have been granted a new hosted forum to do with Lotrfiles to accomodate our members. It is a place to chill out relax, speak your mind about maps or mods, write your own stratagies, update your mods from there and loads more stuff. Some leagues and tournaments can be hosted from there, we will be doing various projects from the new forums to really give a boost to all our members and to get better at the game in all aspects. You don't need to be a member of Lotrfiles to join the forums so join up there and be part of the community! Unfortunately i could not get the name i wanted however here is the link in full: http://digz.lotrfiles.com/forum/index.php Please register there as new things on those forums won't be included here and you won;t be able to reap any of the benefits from bieng a member there. If you are the member here and a member there you will gain special benefits so sign up quick to make sure you get the things that come up for members of both sites! We will be doing various leagues and strategies, all the news will be posted here however you will not be allowed to enter if you are not a member there. You can upload files there like mods and maps! A simple way of putting it in the correct forum (BFME1, BFME2, Rotwk) putting a description of the map, a screenshot if you have one and post the map or mod in a zip file as an attachment! People can download from there but it is recommended you don't. I will upload the file here as soon as i see it and i will host it here for you! The name you register on the forums will your developer name so be careful of your choice of name on the forums. If you register to the forums you can also become a modder and mapper for lotrfiles where we will come up of mod and map ideas to give to the members of the site and the forums! You can also sign up to be an exclusive Mod Beta tester to test out my new mods or even anyones new mods for whoever needs them. Also if we can create some maps, Mod beta testers may be able to test them out as well! So if there aren't enough reasons to join the forums please say so :p But i seriously encourage you to do so as it will bring this community together, when 20 people register i will announce the first project coming up on lotrfiles and the forums. Digz
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