Conquest 360 demo Review by (Dontai) 7/10

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Published by Digz 9 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


Lets get this out of the way, it reeks of battlefront 2. This is basically a re-skin of battlefront. Same formula, same game. For further info on this type of game, go look up battlefront 2. Now more on this: this takes several blunt things from battlefront 2 and slaps lord of the ring on it. For example the engineer had a flechette gun, this has been replace with a special power for a archer that shoot multitargeting arrows (go figure? Micro chip arrows?) that can hit up to three enemies or have a shotgun effect at close range. The mage have ability to shoot lighting which remind me of the emperor. Then their is the uncanny fact that vehicles have been replace with animals.

You see on this topic, let me put it this way. In battlefront2 (from now on BF2) you had special classes that were limited and special, like the Droideka. These units any one could become, but they were limited in numbers and very over powered. Balance in my eyes. Now in this game the special classes and vehicles have been combined in to one animal that you can Drive. Yes you heard me right, you Drive animals. You will find ents and trolls lazy laying about. Then you drive them, posses them, hijack the animals, what ever you want to call it. Its all the same, you become the Animal and drive it. Which is fun to be honest. Taking a troll and crushing the enemy held lines is a good time killer, unless your on the receiving end. Then you want to toss your controller at your Tv screen. Its also a great way to annoy your friends, Because the troll can pick up some body and carry them around. While your forced to sit and watch said troll carry you around. Here a tip: pick up friend A. With troll B. then find place C. where his team cant find you and then go afk. Overall i dont have a problems with the animals.

Now to get away from BF2, far far away. In fact were going to run like are lives depended on it. To start i will go with a problem most games have, dumb down archers. For some unexplained reason most people weaken archers. Ok, take battle for middle earth 2. It takes 3-4 arrows to kill a single troop in a squad. Archers also miss 2/3 times. So this entire squad of archer hits X squad with half of its squad's arrows and it has little to no effect against the x squad. The most it does is drop their health bar down a little bit, while having no real physical effect on the troops (like the fact they have a foot long piece of wood sticking out of them). Well this back with a vengeance!! Hide the women and children, the dumb down archer are back with a vengeance! It takes 4-5 arrows to kill a enemy soldier, how a human can walk around with four arrows hanging out of their gut is beyond me. Then their is the fact they can take four arrows to the head. This on very rare occasion give you a critical hit.

Then borrowing from its retarded cousin battle for middle earth 2, the only arrow that are good are fire arrows. Now how does a fire arrow do more damage then normal Arrow? The only thing doing more damage is the fire. How do you set fire to a person wearing two hundred pounds of metal armor? Ever try to set fire to a piece of metal? I have and it doesn't work. With out these magic fire arrow archer class is useless. Its best to use it to weaken the enemy so sword men can finish them off or to annoy the enemy(as they laugh at you for picking the archer class). Archers can be good in wolf packs though, you will need five archers firing at once to get instant kill. Other wise use fire arrows, run, recharge, fire arrows.

Lastly i will go in to strategy. This game is oozing with it if you know where to look. Sword men can easily be back up by archers. Assault wall can be easily formed with two swords men in the front, four archers in the back, a mage and a scout. The mage protects the archers from long range fire while they dish out long range fire. The swords men protect the mage. The scout saves all of your useless hides. The scout hides behind the assault wall and waits for a enemy scout to do a instant kill and then does a instant kill of his own. Then after few minutes of this he will be promoted to a hero unit.

If they use the above counter, bum rush the mage.

The warrior units also has three sets of attacks that can be countered. Their is light, medium, and heavy. If person A. attack with light counter with medium, if he attack with medium counter with heavy, if he attacks with heavy counter with light. Light is fast, but little damage. Medium is balanced: medium damage and speed. Heavy is slow, but high damage. Plus the warrior also has decent special attacks. One of which can be used to clear out a crowed.

Final notes:

- Gandalf sounds off. Im assuming this gandalf is the one from Peter Jackson's movies, cause he look exactly like him, but the voice actor sounds different. I want the original old fogy back.

- The battles are way to small. These battle are suppose to decide fate of middle earth. The battles in both the films and books were way larger. The fact we have only 16 players fighting is disgraceful.

- They ruined the battle of the last alliance. The battle of the last alliance had 100,000 orcs vs 20,000 humans in a epic battle for middle earth. All you get to fight is 50 orcs? Dead rising had over 800 zombies on screen, their is no excuse for linear campaign and lack of units. They failed on hooking me to the campaign.

My final review of this game: this game is a joke. (7/10)

- It's a fun some what complex, but sadly disappointing game.

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