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Published by Digz 9 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


Where do I begin? The game was good, and it was bad. Although the campaign was pretty good, there were some odd missions for the good guys. After the battle of Helms Deep, Rohan attacks Isengard, eventually killing Saruman (I understand they wanted boss battles, so I'm ok with this mission). But the mission after that, "Mines of Moria" just completely annoyed me, the Bridge of Khazad Dum apparently got re built after Gandalf fell off it, the Balrog is also back, so apparently hes alive, you play as Gondor in the fight, when did Gondor attack Moria? The other bad mission was Minas Morgul, you played as Gondor again and attacked Minas Morgul, I don't know why you need to retake Minas Morgul, but sure.

For the evil campaign, that one was pretty fun all the way through, except on the last mission when you burn down the Shire. There are to many hobbits, and they are to strong (that or I'm just a bad player). I've never seen a hobbit kill 2 orc warriors, well maybe in the movies, but this isn't the movies. Anyways, in the Shire mission, I finally got to play as Sauron so I could kill Gandalf, what happens when I spawn? "Finally, I get to win" after those words, an Eagle flies out of no wheres and carries Sauron away. Heros + Villains should not be effected by flying beats, and once you lose your hero for the mission, you don't get another chance to play as it unless you restart.

Instant action was kind of a let down, online is only 16 players, I'm not sure about instant action single player, it seems to be the same though. I remember in Battlefront 2 (For the PS2) you could only have 16 units per team out on the battlefield at once, but when you played Battlefront 2 for computer however, you could have 32 units out at once which made the battles really fun. Shouldn't consoles have the option to pick more units, consoles can handle more units running around better than a computer can (well most computers). Plus the instant action mode "Capture the ring" didn't make any sense at all, once you got the ring you had to take it to the enemies base? Yeah, great, let's go let them revive Sauron!

Now for units, I don't like the mage, it's annoying when playing online, you have a team of only archers and mages, it just isn't fair. I understand they needed a better variety of units, but I'd rather a spearmen than a mage. The archers weren't bad, but they shouldn't have been able to fire three arrows at once and spam arrows, only someone like Legolas can do that, or other skilled archers, but Rohan and Gondor archers definatly can't. Fire arrows should have been for the good guys, and poison arrows should have been for the bad guys. I'm ok with the warrior class, except for the fact that you can block light, medium, and heavy attacks, while surrounded by a mob, that makes it quite difficult to take down a warrior sometimes, you need to use your special skills. I like the scout class, I'm fine with that.

Heros, Aragorn should have two skins, ranger and king, he only has king. Theoden should be a playable character, I wonder why they excluded one of the biggest characters from the trilogy. Faramir was only playable in story mode, if you do Osgiliath in instant action you play as Gimli. The Mouth of Sauron, why was he a mage? He should have been using a sword, I hated playing as the mouth in the campaign, it was aweful.

Anyways, that's my review, if you are farmiliar with modding battlefront 2, you could take this and mod it and make the community happier with more units in instant action. My advice is rent before you buy.


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