EA Loses LotR License

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Published by Digz 13 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
I was roaming through the world wide web and found this, now you can interpret this however you like, feel free to post any comments of love, sorrow or hatred towards anyone you wish, because to some, this will be one of the most happiest days of their lives even their wedding day or potential wedding day. However I must remind you that just remember all those good times EA have given us, BFME1 was amazing, the campaign like that was never seen before, the game so evenly matched with great maps to play on. Don't forget BFME2, it was great, it brought a new feel to BFME2, with loads of new maps to play, new heroes, factions and units to control and a new campaign which was ok but never to the epic standard of BFME1. Arguably, this game was the best in the series and it was this BFME2, the fast paced RTS game EA had been looking for and to develop even further. Although, when they did, RotWK could be forgotten pretty easily, the shortcut haunts me on my desktop but the only thing that makes me feel better is seeing the RJ logo underneath it. God Bless you rob! But all good things come to an end, or for RotWK's sake and Conquests sake most definitely is that most bad things most certainly come to an end, so without any of my rambling and reminiscing, here's the qoute from 1up.com to confirm it. [quote]Lord of the Rings: Conquest may very well be the last Electronic Arts-produced game based on J.R.R. Tolkien's universe for a long time. Variety's Cut Scene blog reports the publisher's rights to the Lord of the Rings license have expired and control has reverted back to its original holder, New Line, owned by Warner Bros. According to Variety, the original licensing agreement only extended until the end of 2008, but EA was granted extra time to release of Pandemic Studios' poorly received Lord of the Rings: Conquest multiplayer game.[/quote]
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