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Published by Digz 11 years ago , last updated 2 years ago
Your probably getting sick of these but you must know if you haven't already bought the game so you don't waste your cash and it's kind of looking like you might waste your cash if you haven't bought it already. If you have then well unlucky. We start with the Boomtown review:
Lord of the Rings: Conquest is hardly something you could imagine Tolkein putting his name too. It’s a total conversion of Star Wars: Battlefront into the LotR universe, a hack and slash of the Dynasty Warriors kind, that emphasises any aspect of the book that included anything resembling a fight, to the detriment of anything else the stunning work of literature had to offer.
The hack, slash has been used before, that just reminds me of Runescape and is something I don't want to be hearing for a long time (futishhhh - sound it makes :D). To check out their full review click Here is Cheat Code Centrals review which they have rated it a 3.6/5 which is quite good, double it to get your 7.2/10 higher than IGN, now these guys must be drunk right?
Nevertheless, the game plays strikingly similar to both older LOTR action titles from EA and developer Pandemic's Star Wars: Battlefront series. As such, don't expect a lot of depth or ingenuity, and there is very little divergence from the Battlefront formula. Still, the game offers epic scale, a nice amount of challenge, a lot of content to romp through, and it even allows you to take up the cause of evil as the forces of the Dark Lord Sauron. Conquest allows players to fight through 16 levels divided equally between The War of the Ring and Rise of Sauron campaigns. Gamers wage war against the forces of evil and good, respectively; players will initially be part of the most epic battles of the movies and eventually cut their way through an alternative telling of the story with an evil twist. What's more, both campaigns can be played either as a single player or with up to three other friends. The ability to play the story-portion of the game alone or via local split-screen is a real treat.
Click to here to read the full review. Now to go to one of the big sites that I have been looking forward to its review, here is part of the Eurogamer review:
The game’s visuals also disappoint, failing to match the lavishness of production seen Peter Jackson’s trilogy. At points you’ll find yourself facing a battalion of Elves, every one identical save for hair color. Glitches further undermine the graphical experience: often when sneaking up behind an enemy to score a silent kill as the Scout we found our character scooting across the floor in a comical, Yakety Sax sort of way, wholly at odds with the subject matter. Of course, the overall package benefits greatly from the familiarity and quality of its subject matter. The integration of film clips, fonts and, of course, Howard Shore’s excellent soundtrack lifts the experience but not so far as to forgive the game’s obvious visual shortcomings.
Not a good review at all, all things look bad for Conquest but click here if you want to read the full reivew, and I really do recommend this one.
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