February PotM's Up!

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An interesting PotM this time with lot's of 8's and 9's ratings, but please we do need more people voting on these PotD's to make them stand a better chance and to get a better view of what PotD is really the best, so if your not a member, register! It takes all but 1 minute and you can start posting comments and ratings and taking part in our file, news and poll discussions in no time. Here is the post for the PotM's or alternatively you can click here or click the PotM screenshot on the left menu:

Here are the results for the February 2009 Picture of the Month For LotRFiles.
In First Place
[b]The last light before darkness breaks upon us[/b]
Submitter: Dragon_uk20002
Rating : 9.3
Date : 19th February
Votes : 21
Views : 257

A great shot of the sky, looking past some brilliantly skinned trees and mounted ranger units from Dragon_uk2002, this screenshot was taken on the RJ RotWK Mod so if you want screens like that, download the RJ Mod.

In Second Place
[b]Even the mighty face their doom in war[/b]
Submitter: Dragon_uk20002
Rating : 9
Date : 25th February
Votes : 32
Views : 398

Its Dragon_uk2002 again with him grabbing 1st and 2nd place so far, with an epic screenshot of a huge battle with some exquisite skins of Arnor soldiers once again in the RJ RotWK Mod.

In Third Place
[b]This was the end of Treebeard[/b]
Submitter: Krapyl
Rating : 9
Date : 17th February
Votes : 25
Views : 252

Krapyl gets in there in 3rd to avoid a Dragon whitewash of the PotM's, just narrowly missing 2nd place by 7 votes, a great screen with Treebeard right in the center of the picture on fire, just classic.
A very good month for PotD's indeed was February with very high ratings from 9's then some extreme lows into 4's. March so far looks much better in terms of quantities of PotD's coming but we still need your votes, so keep voting on the PotD's and remember every vote rating counts! Till next time, happy PotD submitting and rating! Digz

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