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Published by Digz 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


I know I have been very lenient on mappers and modders on posting files and things but now we really do need requirements and certain boundaries for which mappers and also modders have to follow before they submit a file.

Firstly I think for everyones sake screenshots are a priority and are a first, if the file is submitted without a screenshot I will put in the file description "Awaiting Screenshots" , If you havent uploaded your screenshots and find this message on your file you can find my email address on my staff information page and send them to me directly, make sure you send me the link of the file or I won't know which file to upload it to.

Secondly, a good description of the map is needed, not just one or two lines because that won't tell people everything about it, I will do file reviews from now on but please do include at least a paragraph, which for me is minimum 5 lines on word size 12 font.

And finally, a readme must be included saying your username any contact information (this is optional) and any changes to the map (if this is an update) and the readme must include the description you submitted with the file just in case something happens, I have a hard copy of the description.

Now this may seem like a lot but trust me other sites ask a lot more for their files and their file standards are very high, I will start to review maps and mods from now on in the file description you will see it so don't be worried if your map isn't posted immediately, that means it's currently undergoing a review.

I hope this change will be for the better as file quality will be improved which means lots more people will want to download it, think about it, how many people so far have said "no screenshot no download," I've seen plenty so these changes aren't to benefit the site, these changes are to benefit your maps and mods to be right at the highest quality and be downloaded and loved by everyone.


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