Lone Wolf Mod Update - Strategic Ideas

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Published by Digz 9 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


Radspakr has made a new thread for ideas to be submitted by you to make the mod much more strategic in order to give it that flexibility mods seems to fail on, many strategies in mods are used over and over again because that's what the player knows, but this will not only add in some flexibility on units and add in new things to make the game more enjoyable and harder, but will add a huge amount of depth into the mod to allow the player to do more things.

I'm creating this topic to discuss the Strategic elements of this mod. I have been thinking about adding new features to the mod. Features that can add to the mod giving more flexibility and more strategic features.

So far the main features I have added are extra unit types like Shieldbearers,Healers etc. Adding in more micro intensive units like the Lightbearers. Increasing the unit cap and starting resources. and of course the WAR maps.

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