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Published by Digz 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


Arise! Arise Riders of Theoden, Spears shall be shaken, Shields shall be splintered.. A sword day.. A red day... ERE THE SUN RISES! Ride now.. Ride now..Ride..Ride for ruin and the worlds ending... Death!... Death!!!...DEATHHHH!

Well, this is the game we've all been waiting for in the LotR community. I'm sure we'd all rather have BFME3 but trust me, Pandemic are no mugs at creating games and by gosh can they make games, Star Wars Battlefront 2 was a huge game and a great hit with so many features and different maps, types of arena to play in for example CTF, 2 flag CTF, space assault and then the famous XL which is two armies and you fight to the death with one of them. I definately hope for XL to be in Conquest now wouldn't that be great, Rohan v Isengard going to war and you could choose any side, any class to kill your opposite number. I've really decided to take this review because I did the beta testing for LotrO and gave you some stuff from the beta that I could put up on the site, where as for Conquest they haven't done a beta so I can't give you any more information than whats released, so I thought a preview would be in order.

We saw the first screenshots and gameplay video and thought, wow, please go back to the drawing board. But from then, the game has come to new heights, with better graphics and gameplay in the videos than what we have seen so far, the community looks strong on their forums so I guess keeping the game alive shouldn't be a problem. All we have to do is look at Battlefront 2 again and that community is still going strong since it's release a couple of years ago. To be honest I think EA done the right thing in giving the rights over to it's newly acquired Pandemic Studios, they could have made the game pretty good if they really wanted to (they being EA Games), they have a record for good FPS's like the infamous battlefield series. However can you call this an FPS? I reckon you could change around the swords and call it First Person Sword/Bow/Staff but I suppose that'd be a bit long.

Lord of the Rings games will really develop with this type of game because there will always be a room for a number 2, possibly no expansion pack like BF2142's Northern Strike, but a great possibility for a Conquest 2. It's really hard to believe that we've got to this stage, it seemed just yesterday that EA renewed it's LotR rights and then bought Pandemic Studios, whhom then gave us the announcement of Conquest. It's only been near to a year from all that and one thing I'm worried about is if the game has been at all rushed like the KotoR 2 was to meet targets. The videos don't look too exciting but have that edge to them that says "wait a minute don't judge me on this, there's more to come!" I'm rather worried that it has been rushed but hey, I don't know how fast Pandemic Studios are in their work so I think I'll leave that opinion to October 15th when I get my hands on that game and test it out.

Well that's all the concerns and "Admin" stuff out of the way so let's get on with the actual review. The game looks great from the screens, which is really all we have been given and some videos on IGN and GameTrailers.com, it's hard to make an accurate preview on just this but we have an information on LotR Files and by that there's some really good stuff on there that looks promising. For example the accurate campaigns with all the battles but one thing bugs me, all this was taken from an interview and well it says "battle as Trolls at Helm's Deep" There were trolls at Helms Deep :eek: That's an eye opener, I never saw any the great fortress of Rohan. Anyway that maybe a mistake from his part or maybe a tweat in the storyline or a bit of creative licence. The mulitplayer using the interview and information screen seems rather bland "conquest, capture the flag, hero deathmatch" Three types of online play? This game won't last long if that's all there is.

The one thing that stands out in this game is that Eric Gerwitz, in his interview has said there will be up to 60 playable characters and those aren't including heroes, and my gosh you should see the list of heroes for both good and evil, there's loads! With a huge array of maps ranging from Helms Deep to Rivendell to even Bree and Osgiliath! The game starts to look promising when you look at how can you really fight with sword and bow and spells in an "FPS mode", it really raises the hair on the back of my neck trying to think of how they can do it because it seems near enough possible with other games like Jedi Knight 1,2 and 3 all being done in that similar fashion so maybe we'll have a LotR version of Jedi Knight in our hands in 2 weeks time.

All of you, including myself have to remember that Battlefront 2 only had 2 patches, so don't expect loads and loads of patches like BFME, it's probably going to be minor patches addressing small issues in one big go, maybe a month after the game is released and then ever 1 more a year later. So don't be shocked it's just the way FPS's go, also someone find out what type of game this is, it feels wrong calling it an FPS :p.

Most of you were expecting this review to be all lovely and glamorous but I'm not going to lie, I am scared for this community ever since EA backed out of BFME and LotrO doesn't apply to the whole community because the fees put a lot of people off. Hopefully this game will bring the community back together and just as in Battlefront 2 we should see plenty of maps to keep us occupied but not also forgetting a couple of mods. I'll try and get a free host for a server and get the clan going with some top rated community maps and general rotation. To let everyone know, this is happening and yes we are getting a new LotR game PINCH YOURSELVES!

Enjoy Conquest, May it bring you much joy just as BFME did :D


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