LotR:C - MEC Interviews Eric Gewirtz

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Middle Earth Center has recently interviewed Eric Gewirtz, the director of Lord of the Rings : Conquest. I've picked out the first question of the interview for you to look at as it's a debate many of us have had over the past weeks:

Middle-earth Center: There is quite a controversy going on at the community forums about whether or not Mages are in line with the works by Tolkien. Can you tell us anything about what drove you to add mages to the game? Eric “Giz†Gewirtz: Magic has always been a subtle and mysterious thing in the Tolkien lore. Peter Jackson took a little more of a straightforward approach to magic in the films (Saruman launching fireballs, elves summoning the river to drown pursuers, etc). For the game, we needed to strike a fine balance between staying faithful to the license and providing satisfying gameplay. The Mage began with the idea of tapping into the arcane power of characters like Gandalf, Saruman, Radagast the Brown, etc. The question was: If these powerful wizards had almost god-like powers, what would ‘apprentices’ of the magical arts be able to do? From there we started exploring some cool gameplay roles on the battlefield. A healer/support class surfaced naturally, and we thought the mage would fit nicely in that role.

You can read the full interview over at MEC here

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