LotRFiles BFME Re-Skinned Mod

By Digz 15 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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A new mod is born! This time it's LotRFiles's own mod, but oh no, it's not balance, it's a complete re-skin of the whole of the BFME series. I'll probably be changing my site again but just into a simple forum where I will be updating the re-skin mod there with screenshots and small things, but there's so need for to register as I'll be posting all of the mod updates here anyway as my site will probably be a lair for some beta testers if I do get some modelling done (the chances of that are slim but if I learn they could change in an instant :borg:). I'll get to work on 1 faction from BFME/2/RotWK so at least there is something done, and the next Poll will be what game I should choose to re-skin first and that is a binding poll, so whatever you choose, I have to mod! Happy gaming! Digz

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