LotRFiles Conquest Clan Starting Up!

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Published by Digz 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


That's right folks, the LotRFiles Conquest Clan is starting up! We need you, the members of LotRFiles to make this clan what it's meant to be, great and unbeatable! The game comes out on the 16th of January, I'll be looking to get it on that date, if not no less than a week later. Clan news will be posted here but I thought it would be a good idea if we have the clan posting and things separate to the site so only actual clan members can get hold of our tactics and ownage strategies :p

So head on over to Digz Forums, get registered up and apply to join the group called "Clan members" I'll accept you if I know you but just before you do request to join the group please make a thread in the Request to Join forum so I know a bit more about you.

Hopefully this will all kick off and of course first members that join will have leader ranks in the clan. We can also use FileFront's Teamspeak, I have channel admin so I can create us a room with a password so if we are having matches or skirmish games no one will be able to disturb us. The prospect of having a great clan going is without our grasp and I urge you to take it and join the LotRFiles Clan, with the amount of people here that are going to buy it I say that we should have a fair amount of members and be a force to deal with amongst the community.

The clan tag hasn't been decided yet so get on down to Digz Forums (I should really call it the Clan Forums now) and register up, then request to join also not forgetting to make a request to join topic in the Request to Join forum, and you'll have your say on the LotRFiles Community clan tag.

Digz (Clan) Forums Link - http://digz.lotrfiles.com/forum/

Happy Gaming,


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