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Published by Digz 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


This is an idea I've had for a long time here, it basically includes all the classic mods and maps that the community has really enjoyed and thought that mod is the best or one of the best ever. This will include maps too and not just the maps, developers will have their place in the hall of fame too with "classic news" for example EA not supporting BFME any more :p.

Hopefully this will give the LotRFiles community a chance to recognise all the modders and mappers that have been in the community making our lives in the game much better than it would have been. A few suggestions that I've come up with already on who should be in our Hall of Fame are:

Steve Campen (High Elven Lord) - A very good BFME2 mapper who made so many maps at the start of BFME2 it was great, I know this because I posted all of them!

Elvenstar Mod - The mod was arguably the best ever mod in BFME1 and BFME2 history, but new mods have come but we should always remember the old ones, of course I'd have to find the developers one by one of the mod but that shouldn't be a problem, hopefully...

Many more others will come up as I think of them, if you have any nominees please post them here so we can have everyones input. Remember it's not just the old ones we want, some new ones too like robnkarla and the S.E.E Mod team so add in suggestions and nominate people, it doesn't matter if anyone says that person before you can second it :rolleyes: That's the beauty of nominations!

I hope this feature will at least give back a little bit of what these great developers deserve.

Thanks to all these great developers who worked so hard to bring the BFME community together!


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