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Published by Digz 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


To be honest, I can't remember what issue we are on or anything because it was done so long ago, but I promise it's back now with your help! Finally it's your chance to get your say about BFME, LotrO or even Conquest, if you have any new strategies/hints and tips/critiques or anything that you think needs to be said out to the community you can now do so in the form on the LotrFiles Magazine.

First Issue will be done this weekend so people on west coast of USA you'll have enough time to put your say in too as I'll say deadline for all Magazine submissions are on Fridays every fortnight with the Magazine going on Sunday morning or if anything comes up, Saturday evening.

Send your submissions to: digz_365[AT]hotmail[DOT]com Please also make the subject :LotrFiles Magazine Submission (Then title of your work e.g Lurtz cripple tip). Please also make sure you have your LotrFiles username at the bottom or top of the submission so I can put that in too.

In the Magazine, I'll be doing a caption of the week contest, where the caption will be put as the PotD and the person that has the best caption will be chosen as the winner and announced in the magazine.

I'll be doing my own previews of Mines of Moria and Conquest but that doesn't mean you can't too, please send them in and I'll put them in so other people can see different opinions. It's a wonderful time to be part of this community with two new games coming out both of different genres and players but the games are amazing and are recognised by all other communities, we're part of something big here and let's keep it that way.

Keep it real!


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