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Published by Ronnie 14 years ago , last updated 2 years ago
Apoc recently posted some information about the 1.03 patch (mainly about the leaked version) over at, the post reads: "There was a leak of patch 1.03 to our live servers this morning that was unintentional. The patch is not finalized yet however we are nearing the final stages as I noted before. For the testing purposes, the patch was put to an incorrect live server and some of you were keen enough to notice. 1. If you manually downloaded patch files from our FTP this morning then you cannot play BFME online against anyone else, unless it is someone who also manually downloaded the patch files, which is a miniscule amount. You are at your own risk. 2. When patch 1.03 is officially released you will need to re-install your game completely and do a clean patch update. As of right now, you would not be able to play people online when the patch is officially released. 3. We apologize for the confusion. The patch is very much in the final stages and I will update you on its status as soon as I have more information. What happened this morning is in the end a good sign for the community that we are very close to finaling. Thanks, APOC"
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