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Published by Digz 9 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


It's always great to see a new mod come to life, especially for BFME1 where most of the modding seems to take place nowadays, however we are still seeing some great BFME2 and RotWK mods. This mod, "Echoes", is a BFME1 mod by Matias. There are some screenshots on the bottom of the page of the mods first update, but first here is the description he gave to the mod in mid February when it was first unveiled:

Eriador, Arnor, Dúnedain rangers, late Third Age. That's what this mod is about.

We're calling the faction Eriador, but it will mostly consist of Dúnedain men.

Because the Dúnedain were so few in number, their CP will be high and some of their troops will be limited to a few batallions. There are two basic units, the Dúnedain Marksmen and the Dúnedain Swordsmen. These are capable of being upgraded to fulfill a more specific role, such as that of a short-ranged scouting unit or longbowmen, or heavily armoured guardians or spearmen. This is to symbolise the overall power and versatility of the average Dúnedain ranger, and their skill in adapting to fit their environment. You can fight a decent battle with just the two basic units, but when your enemy is focusing on cavalry or elite units, you can specify their roles accordingly and fine-tune your forces. The upgrades are however permanent, so they are not the same as a toggle.

Eriador players have access to the most powerful elite unit in-game. Rangers of the Grey Company are versatile and brave men, capable of dealing immense damage with sword and bow. Their numbers are limited, however.

Now, the faction is called Eriador, which implies there's more then Men. Indeed, there are two Elven units available after the purchase of a 2nd tier Evenstar power. The Watcher of the Tower Hills is a very stealthy, single-unit scout, and the Sentinel of Rivendell is decently powerful unit with a bow/sword toggle. Elladan, Elrohir and Gildor Inglorion are the Elven heroes of the Eriador faction, and the final Evenstar power is a summoning of a grand host of Imladris, lead by the Elf-lord Glorfindel. Eriador has more inhabitants then Elves and Men of course, and the Hobbits of the Shire are represented through a 2nd tier summoning of Took Archers, together with their leaders Merry and Pippin. The Eriador resource structure is randomised farm, alternating between a Bree-land farm and a Shire farm. Dwarves of the Ered Luin come in a 3rd tier summon.

Eriador isn't very proficient in the siege department, but when your enemy is locked inside his fortress you can get a decent siege going. The Siege-post can only be built on settlement plots, and for a decent price. Because the Dúnedain were a defending people in the final years of the Third Age, the amount of trebuchets available is limited.

Naturally, Eriador can build a Farm on a settlement plot, but they can also construct a Hunter's Lodge, which provides less resources then a Farm would, but has the ability to recruit Eriador Hunters. These are single units who deal extremely powerful but slow ranged attacks, and have a complete lack of armour and health. They slower then most units and are thus highly vulnerable to enemy attacks. They are also very limited, and come in 3 variations, a Hobbit, a Man and an Elf. What's the reason to get these units? Well, they collect +30 resources on every kill they make, and can be a valuable addition to an early game economy.

Eriador has no cavalry, but we intend to make sure their units are able to stand up to an enemy cavalry force.

Heroes: Strider (Who can summon Gandalf the Grey as his rank 10 power) Halbarad Amdir (A powerful melee hero) Elegost (A powerful ranged hero, strong when used together with Amdir) Gildor Inglorion (Early game ranged scout unit) Elladan Elrohir Glorfindel (Summoned)

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